Great News! I just found out that the Tyson Company Store in Lowell is open to the Public for Friends and Family Day on Fridays. The Store Hours are 10am – 6pm and you’ll find all kinds of deals on Chicken and more. My husband used to work at Tyson and I got spoiled by buying Chicken in Bulk so if you’re a local Northwest Arkansas Reader you might want to check this out.

There is also a Truckload Sale Today starting at 4pm. Here are a few items you’ll find at the Truckload Sale:

Boneless Skinless Thighs, 20 lbs. for $12!
Ground Beef Patties, 1 lb. for just $2!
Chicken Drumsticks, 20 lbs. for $10!

I think it’s about to storm here or I would be heading out today but I thought this was a great resource for those of you who live locally because I’m always looking for great prices on meat!