Show all Coupons

So I have this Super Awesome Tip for that I just learned about last night.

A few weeks ago they made some changes to the website including how you change your zip code on One of the other changes they made was that you now have to scroll through all the pages of coupons to get to the end.

Most of you know that if you print your coupons once from you can print them a second time. The trouble is once they are printed they go to the very end of the page making it really hard to find the coupons you want to print again.

Here comes the Awesomeness for the day!

Follow these steps to get to the end of quickly.

When you first open go to the bottom of the page and click on “Show More Coupons”

Once you have clicked on Show more coupons hit your Space Bar about 10-15 times, each time will load one more section of coupons!
POOF! It’s like Magic! All the pages are now showing at one time and you can scroll through all the coupons :)


A Big Thanks to my friend Monica at Fabulessly Frugal for sharing this awesome tip with me!