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Walgreens Balance Rewards FAQ

I’ve got some more details and more answers to your Walgreens Balance Rewards Questions. Yesterday I spent about 2 hours in the store checking out the offers and figuring out all the basics so that hopefully we can all better understand how the program works.

Are there Limits to the amount of Rewards Items I can Purchase?

No, you can purchase multiple items in one transaction and receive rewards for each item. For example, Mitchum Deodorant is offering 2,000 Bonus Rewards Points when you buy 1 item. If you purchase 2 items you will get 4,000 bonus rewards points. I imagine store managers will start to place limits on the number of items each person can purchase.

How Many Rewards Items Can I Purchase in One Transaction?

I did not find a limit to how many items with Balance Rewards could be purchased in one transaction. I imagine stores will start to put limits on the number of similar items but there was no limit on the number of different bonus rewards offers that could be purchased together.

Can I earn Register Rewards with Balance Rewards?

Yes, I was able to Earn Register Rewards in the Same Transaction I earned Balance Rewards, they did not seem to conflict at all.

Can I earn Balance Rewards when I redeem Register Rewards?

Yes, this is great because you can’t earn rewards when you spend rewards, so it’s a good idea to Spend Register Rewards to buy Balance Rewards Items and Spend Balance Rewards to Purchase Register Rewards Items, rolling back and forth will be the best way to keep your out of pocket expense low as we learn the new program.

How do you redeem Balance Rewards?

Just tell your cashier when you are checking out that you want to redeem your balance rewards points and how many you want to spend. This will pop up on the Credit Card Swiping Station and prompt you to enter your zip code and confirm. You can choose the amount of points you want to redeem.

Do you have to use them all at one time?

You have the option to spend rewards points in the increments listed below, the minimum redemption rate is 5,000 points or $5. If you choose to redeem 40,000  points you would have to spend the entire $50 in one transaction.

Points earned Reward
5,000 $5
10,000 $10
18,000 $20
30,000 $35
40,000 $50

Can I “Roll” Balance Rewards, or Spend them on New Balance Rewards Items?

No, this is the one thing you need to watch out for. If you Spend Balance Rewards on purchases with any balance rewards items included you will not Earn Balance Rewards when you spend them. So try to keep these transactions separate.

How Many Points do I Earn for Non-Bonus Rewards Items?

Balance Rewards members will earn 10 points per $1.00 spent at Walgreens on Pharmacy or Health & Beauty Items. If you spend $9.99 you will earn 90 points. If you spend $14.99 you will earn 140 points and so on. NOTE: This is only for AR, NJ or NY where points cannot be earned on pharmacy items.

Can I use Coupons and Balance Rewards at the Same Time?

Using coupons does not affect the points you earn on Bonus Rewards Items. It does reduce the amount you earn on your standard purchases.

How long before I can spend Balance Rewards?

Balance Rewards are printing at the bottom of each receipt and they are redeemable instantly. You can spend Balance Rewards on your next transaction. Just remember that you need a minimum of 5,000 points to redeem them on your next transaction.

Do the Buy $ Get Rewards Deals Stack?

No, if you have a deal like the coke deal where you Spend $15 or more and get 5,000 Bonus Rewards Points you will only get a Maximum of the 5,000 points, so if you wanted to do this deal twice you would need to do 2 separate transactions. You cannot spend $30 and get 10,000 points.

How do I know how many points I have?

You can see the points summary at the bottom of each receipt, you can also use the Walgreens Mobile App to keep up with your points, this was updating for me instantly in the store.

Can I get a Physical Balance Rewards Card if I signed up online?

Yes, you can get a card in store and have the cashier link your accounts together so that you can use either your card on your phone or your physical card and the numbers will be connected to the same account.

Can I spend Balance Rewards Online?

Yes, you should have the option to redeem your rewards and enter your membership number when shopping online. This is a great option since you can’t earn points while redeeming them.

What if I don’t get my Balance Rewards or something goes wrong?

I would try calling the Walgreens Social Care Team, you can call 8 AM – 5 PM CST; M-F. Customer Service: 24×7  1-800-925-4733, Option #4

When to Balance Rewards Expire?

You need to use your card once every 6 months in order to stay active, Rewards expire after 3 years as long as you are an active member.

You can find more information on the Walgreens Balance Rewards on Walgreens.com. I’ll be sure to update you if I see any changes to the program.

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