Using Liscened Product Coupons

I want to start off this post by saying that I feel like I’m opening a can of worms on this topic but I’m very concerned about something and I really wanted to make sure I addressed where I stood on the issue.

When it comes to using coupons I have one main rule for redeeming coupons.

Will the Store Get Reimbursed for the Coupon?

I think in the long run if stores aren’t getting reimbursed for the coupon then the money ends up coming out of the stores pocket which means in time the store will become more and more strict on the coupon policy and customers wishing to redeem coupons.

This guiding principle is typically not an issue, if you are redeeming coupons within the wording, size limitations, expiration dates and following all requirements on a coupon then you are typically fine using a coupon on a smaller size or lower priced item. There has been one exception to this rule that I have seen exploited lately that I felt like I needed to address.

The difference is between Manufacturer Branded Items and Licensed Products.

Most Coupons are issued by a Manufacturer for the Brands that the Manufacturer Controls. This is like P&G Issuing a coupon for Downy, the manufacturer owns the brand name.

The problem comes when you have a Licensed Name on a Product (Think Sponge Bob, Dora, Handy Manny, Disney and Others) there may be Multiple Manufacturers Using the Same Licensed Name.

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Here’s the Coupon that has been brought to my attention recently. The coupon is for Any Disney or Marvel Item. The coupon remit address is for Nature Smart a Vitamin Company that is licensing the Disney Name.

The problem is some people have taken this coupon and applied it to ANY Disney Licensed Item including Puzzles, Coloring Books, Sandwich Bags and more. In my Opinion this is wrong. Why? Because the Manufacturer will not be paying the retailer back for this coupon used on items other than their specific products.

In my opinion the difference between a Licensed Name and a Manufacturer Brand Name is HUGE In this case because when a store isn’t paid back for a coupon it’s basically like stealing from the store and in the long run it affects all of us.

I realize that in most cases the use of the word Any Product on a coupon allows us to purchase any item. However I thought it was important to make this clarification. In this case Disney is a licensed term so not all products with the Disney Name are produced by the same manufacturer which means that in addition to the brand name you need to pay attention the to the Manufacturer that will be redeeming the coupon and try to stay within those specifications.

I love getting items for Free, and Trust Me there are so many great deals out there that all of us can grab without having to stretch the rules. I’m also one of the first ones to admit that I make mistakes and have posted things that weren’t correct in the past, hey we’re all human and I’m not blaming anyone I just wanted to make sure everyone was well informed of the differences and we can all work to hold each other accountable!