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Here is the new Kmart Ad and Coupon Deals for 07/14! These deals always begin on a Sunday (except for this week) and feature the best sales and discounts that you can get this week with coupons at Kmart!

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Health & Beauty


Remember when you shop at Kmart if you spend $25 or more on grocery, health and beauty, or household items you will be allowed to double 5 coupons up to $1.You may double 1 of the same coupons, so make sure you know that before you try to take 10 of the same coupons. You are allowed to use more than 10 coupons on this events, but you can only double 10 per day. Another thing to remember is that you are not allowed to stack coupons at Kmart. You may not use both a Kmart Coupon and a Manufacturer’s Coupon on one item. Also be aware that some stores will not accept coupons whose value exceeds 75% of an item. You will not receive Cash Back for items whose coupon value is greater than the price of the item.

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