Here’s a quick look at my weekly shopping trip. To be honest, I was out of town till Sunday Night Late and I didn’t even get to go shopping till Tuesday, then I wasn’t really planned and prepared so this is my “Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-Your-Pants” Shopping Trip :) Luckily I had a few Free Product Coupons that I Got at the BlogHer Conference last week to help fill in the gaps and we are enjoying trying a few new products this week.

Walmart: $21.45

We got the basics at Walmart this week and I was also able to price match the Purex Deal from Walgreens. The Purex works out to $1.49 which isn’t great but it’s right at my buy price so I grabbed a few bottles since I had some coupons and it’s nice to keep my stockpile replenished. Also, keep your eyes open for the Uncle Bens Whole Grain Rice Products. These have had $1/1 peelies at my store making them just $0.77 per box and we’ve been stocking up on these. I also grabbed a few fruits and veggies and some squash to use this week. We have lots of Chicken in the Freezer as well as Hamburger meet so we’re mainly eating from what we have on hand.

One a quick Side Note: I feel like this summer has been crazy…. we have been gone a lot, I’ve had some big Projects I’ve been working on and just the normal swimming/family stuff has kept us a little too busy. I’m ready to get back into the deal shopping :) So hopefully over the next few weeks we’ll do a little more stocking up and I will have more time to better plan and prepare for my shopping trips. I feel like I’ve been doing a good job making due, but I’m having Deal Withdraw :) (Yes, I made that term Up) And I’m ready to start diving back into the Freebies and the Walgreens Shopping.

I have always said that one of the great things about saving money is that it goes in stages and you can adjust these to fit your lifestyle, there are times when I am really into shopping the deals and other times when life is a little too busy and I know that I can’t grab every deal, so I’m just happy with the few I can grab. I do however tend to miss the rush of getting those “Awesome” deals when I’m in this mode but I know that my family always has to take a priority. I really just say all of that to remind you that just because you aren’t grabbing every deal you can still be saving money and those Savings Seasons will come back around again.

If you’ve been in a Summer “Just Survive” mode and you’re ready to dive back into the deals then I suggest starting with a well planned Shopping Trip or 2. I plan on putting a little more prep time in my next few shopping trips and clipping coupons ahead of time so I’m not trying to figure the deals in store. I hope you will join me in getting organized for Fall!

Target: $14.27

I grabbed a few quick deals at Target including a New Pillow for my Son (My $2 Pillow Coupon was about to expire). I got some Pasta with the $1/3 Target Coupon, grabbed some Eye Drops that we didn’t really need, lol. But I can donate these. Also, I got the Soft Scrub and the Hair Detangler which we love using on my little girl, it works great!

How did you do this week? Leave a comment and let us know what HOT Deals you were able to grab!