15 Creative Chalk Ideas for Kids

Check out these 15 Creative Chalk Ideas for Kids for you and your child to get creative outdoors. As you know many are trying to get creative and make uplifting and fun artwork on the driveway and sidewalks. 

Grab your sidewalk chalk and get outdoors and let your children use their imagination. 

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Chalk Ideas For Kids

1.) Puffy Paint Sidewalk DIY from Midget Mama 

Make puffy sidewalk paint and use this to make a layered heart or any other fun design you are looking for. A quick and easy fun project for your kids to create. 

2.) Sidewalk Chalk Puddles from Lemon Lime Adventures 

If you have rain or wet outdoors no fear, this is a fun way to use sidewalk chalk even in the wet conditions. Give this project a try and let me have a blast. 

3.) Sidewalk Chalk Farm from Inspired Mama 

This is such an amazing idea, create your own chalk farm or home and let your child have tons of fun driving their cars and such around. 

4.) Be Happy from Pinterest

Here is such a pretty and colorful idea for you to try out. Grab your chalk and follow this design to add a little “brightness” to your sidewalk.

5.) Peace from Pinterest

How fun and creative are these peace signs. With the way the world is, why not add a little peace to your daily life.  

6.) VSCO Girl from Pinterest 

Here is another bright and colorful design. If your teen loves the VSCO vibe, show them this design and let them have fun re-creating it. 

7.) Be Strong from The Johnson’s Journey 

Here you have a fun be strong dumb bell layout that isn’t too hard to make. A fun photo opt as well for your child if you wanted as well! Give it a try. 

8.) Flower Power from Pinterest 

Another simple design for you to try out. If you love flowers, here is a great one to recreate on your sidewalk or driveway today. Give it a try and let  me know! 

9.) Creative Sidewalk Chalk Design from Pinterest 

Check out this super fun and creative design to make on your sidewalk. It might take a little time but look at the end result, so creative! 

10.) Mermaid Tale from Pinterest 

Here is another out of this world design. You can give this mermaid tale. This is a great and creative idea that girls will love to make and showcase in your outdoor area. 

11.) Aloha Turtle from Pinterest 

Check out this fun sea turtle that will leave you dreaming of calmer and warmer times of the year where it is fresh and relaxing by the ocean. 

12.) Brick Design from Pinterest 

Here is a really fun way to decorate your path if you have bricks. Look at how colorful and gorgeous this chalk art is. Let your kids spend some time coloring and destressing. 

13.) Wet Sidewalk Art from Happy Hooligans 

Check out this fun and unique way of using sidewalk chalk. You have a wet sidewalk art that is really fun and will give you a whole new look to your artwork. 

14.) Flamingo from Pinterest 

Check out this pretty colorful pink flamingo. It could be really fun to create some bright and colorful animals to fill up your space. 

15.) Maze Sidewalk Chalk Art from Pinterest 

Okay, this is very creative and could be a lot of fun for kids. Let them have fun drawing lines to make a twirly path to then follow if they can! 

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