15 Old-Fashioned Christmas Candy Recipes

old fashioned christmas candy

Old Fashioned Candy Recipes that take you back to when you were a child! I have incredible old fashioned Christmas candy. Check out the list below to consider whipping these up this holiday season. 

Christmas Candy is always fun for me as I can make it up and then create trays or containers to give to neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family! 

Old Fashioned Christmas Candy Recipes

1.) Chocolate Truffle Fudge 

If you are a fan of the classic rich and chocolatey fudge, you have to try this microwave fudge. It is incredible, easy, and one that i make each and every year. 

2.) Homemade Caramels from Beyond the Chicken Coop 

These homemade caramels are buttery and will melt in your mouth. These are incredible and I highly recommend this classic Christmas Candy Recipe. 

3.) Peanut Clusters from Sugar and Soul

Grab your crock pot and make these incredible peanut clusters for your family and friends. Sweet chocolate with a crunchy peanut in every bite. 

4.) Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle from House of Nash Eats 

If you love a classic peanut brittle you will have to give this recipe a try. A crunchy brittle that is sweet and tasty and will taste just like grandma used to make. 

5.) Christmas Crack 

Saltine toffee is a must make for the holidays. This classic candy is incredible and such an easy way Christmas crack recipe. This is a must make for an easy dessert for the family.

6.) Peppermint Bark from Strength and Sunshine

This peppermint bark is cool and melt in your mouth sweet. This is a vegan peppermint bark that is crazy simple to make for snacking on. 

7.) Layered Fudge from Bake Me Some Sugar 

This layered fudge is a classic fudge. Call it buckeye fudge or chocolate peanut butter fudge. Whichever you call it this will win over your sweet tooth cravings.

8.) Divinity from House of Nash Eats 

If you love a classic divinity recipe, then you will have to try this recipe.  Here is a great recipe to consider whipping up this holiday season. 

9.) Peppermint Bark Pretzels from The Kitchen Girl 

Here are some tasty peppermint bark pretzels that are an easy no-bake treat to enjoy. These have a peppermint twist to them so they are minty and sweet. 

10.) Potato Candy from Belly Full

A 4 ingredient potato candy that is so simple to make. I know it sounds strange but once you take a bite you will love this quick and easy dessert. 

11.) Chocolate Truffles from Marsha’s Baking Addiction 

This is a super easy chocolate truffles recipe that is going to feel like you bought it from a high-quality bakery.  A nice creamy filling to sink your teeth into. 

12.) Christmas Nougat from The Farm Girl Gabs 

This Christmas Nougat screams Christmas with the red, green and white colors. I love a good nougat recipe and this one has a fun spin on it to consider. 

13.) Turtle Clusters from A Saucy Kitchen 

This recipe is a vegan turtle cluster recipe. Crunchy pecans, sweet caramel, topped with nice milk chocolate. Bite into these delightful bite-size desserts. 

14.) Vanilla Nut Clusters from Today’s Creative Life 

If you love white chocolate these vanilla nut clusters are a fun one to make. You can warm it up in your crockpot for an easy hands-off approach to these candy clusters. 

15.) Chocolate Mints from Mom on Time Out 

If you love a cream cheese mint you will love these chocolate mints. They have a nice hint of chocolate and mint in every single bite.