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  1. dina van der sloot says:

    hi please take the following e mail off your list
    and also this one as well
    [email protected]
    i have asked you 2 times and it has not been done
    i cannot do it from my side
    the e mails are filling up my inbox and i cant keep up

    thank you
    dina van der sloot

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      You will need to unsubscribe from the emails.

  2. Alissa Anthony says:

    Good Afternoon,

    In spirit of Tic Tac® mints’ new Shake It Up™ campaign, which seeks to encourage people to break from the mundane, the iconic brand has launched the Shake It Up™ Instant Win Game on the Tic Tac® USA Facebook page.


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  3. My name is Brandi Johnson and I am the CMO at Qples, a relatively new online coupon provider for manufacturers and brands nationally. We are the first online coupon provider to create and implement and true application for social environments. We have been growing by leaps and bounds and currently host clients such as Sutter Home wine, Nathan’s Famous hotdogs, Wholly Guacamole, Togo’s and many more… We would like to be able to provide you updates as we do many other savings blogs about current coupons that are clients are running. Who would I need to direct those alerts to?

    Thanks and look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Brandi Johnson
    CMO, Qples

    800. 483. 7020
    817. 944. 1273 Direct

  4. Kara C says:

    What zip code did you use to get the Clorox 2 coupon? It’s not showing up under my zip. Thank You

  5. May I ask what affiliate link you are using for the one embeded in your header? I see you have a $1/1 Grand coupon running up there you may want to post it on your blog I just printed mine from there. Is it a google ad or something else? Let me know I will even sign under you if its something that allows that.

  6. Hi Heather, (Hope this is ok to post as a comment, the contact form wasn’t coming up.)

    My name is Kristen and I blog over at Celebrate Every Day With Me. I am writing because I know you blog about saving money and want to help your readers live more frugally.

    May I share with you about my current giveaway? I am so excited! The product has the power to be life-changing for 5 winners.

    This giveaway is for five of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Membership Kits (valued at $99 each). Are you familiar with this program? “Financial Peace University teaches you how to make the right decisions with your money and empowers you with the practical skills and confidence needed to achieve your financial goals and experience true financial peace! Over one million families have already benefited from this life-changing program.” The average family who takes this class pays off $5,300 of debt and saves $2,700 in the first 90 days.

    Would you consider sharing this with your blog readers or Facebook followers? I am hoping for a great giveaway turnout but more than that, I want to get the word out on this amazing program. (Read my story on the link below.)

    The Giveaway Link:
    To Learn More about FPU:

    Thank you for your time!

    Making the Everyday Special

  7. larae says:

    I love the e-mails you send. I would like to start receiving the Cv’s and Marvin’s Iga’s matchups, I currently don’t receive those for some reason, but would very much like to be getting them. Thank You.

  8. I have got a couple of clients in the industry, who are interested in improving their profile online by working with some high quality websites.

    We’d be looking to place an ad on your homepage. Would you be interested in this? And do you have any other websites?

    Do not hesitate to ask me any questions by emailing me :)

    Kind Regards
    David WInters

  9. Brian Frank says:

    I found a great site for a PRESCRIPTION DRUG COUPON SEARCH Database and thought you would love it. So here it is I hope this will help you!

  10. Amber says:

    We are big Dave Ramsey fans, and he has some deals today. I thought you might be interested.

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      Thank you Amber! I am going to post it :)

      1. Amber says:

        I also have a link for a free Jars of Clay song. It is on the left side of the page.

  11. Jason Holmes says:

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  12. Teshell says:

    Hi Heather,

    My name is Teshell Samuel I’m from a small two island Federation in the Caribbean called St. Christopher and Nevis or St. Kitts-Nevis to us locals. I recently stumbled across you’re website after visiting TLC’s Extreme Couponing fan page on Facebook. Seeing the types of savings to be had by using coupons has been an eye opener for me, I’m 26 and a single mom of two- a 22-month-old daughter and a 7-year-old son and being able to benefit like some many others would be amazing. I’ve been inspired I can say to want to save as well, and in the process help others to save. I’m sure many in the U.S. are trying where possible to get the best value for their hard earned dollar since the downturn in the economy, we here have not gone unscathed. Food prices here has skyrocketed since the implementation of the Value Added Tax and many persons are having to penny pinch to provide for their families. This has prompted me to want to start a Co-op or organization of sorts here locally that will help to provide food items at a discounted price, for this however I would need help.

    What I’m asking of you is to connect me with a shopper that will be willing to do the ground work there and purchase the groceries then send them here to me where they would be distributed. This is not a scam I don’t expect the food to be sent for free what am proposing is that we send the money to whomever the shopper would be to cover the cost of the items. I’m also willing to buy coupons via ebay and have them sent to the shopper if necessary. I’m not asking for an address or anything we can contact each other via facebook or Telephone I have a Magic Jack or on my cell phone and go from there. I know since 9/11 it is difficult to trust in outsiders but all I want to do is save money and feed my kids. I’m a reporter for a local newspaper by the name of The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer, you can check that out as proof at I have lived here all my life and traveled only to neighboring countries.

    This idea is still new to me and there are a number of things that I would need to find out namely whether we would be able to get on concessions on or imports, how much it would cost to get the goods shipped here and several other things but I’m hoping that you would even consider it.

    If you would like to contact me and speak further you can message me on facebook, my cell phone number is 1-869-664-4241, my home phone is 1-869-465-3887 and my Magic Jack number is 1-954-353-3434.

    I really hope to here from you.

  13. Donna says:

    Please take me off of your website.
    I am no longer interested in receiving coupons

  14. I found organic chicken, beef and veggie Imagine Broth at Whole Foods for .50! Go to for the full matchup!
    Have a great day!!

  15. Marvette Norris says:

    I’m still in the beginner stage and I would like to know how do you organize your coupons?

    You’ve stated before about keeping the coupons in files by the date of when they are in the circular. Then after; how do you know what to keep in your binder when going to the store(s)???

    Please help because I very confused on this part. Thank you.

  16. Matt says:


    I saw this at

    Looks like it’s a new 100% pure medical grade essential oil company that distributes for a much larger therapeutic grade essential oil company.

    Their prices are amazing compared to Young Living and doTERRA, the leaders in therapeutic grade essential oil. And with a 51% off, including shipping deal, this is pretty sick.

    It’s one of the deals today and tomorrow only from screamindailydeals, orange county, nature’s fusions.


  17. traci Miczek says:

    How do I unsubscribe from this site?

  18. Kristy says:

    We are in need of a new mattress. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to purchase a good one for not that much money.

  19. Jami McKinney says:

    Hi Heather,
    This past Sunday, 9/25/11, there was a coupon for $10/2 Olay Pro-X, Regenerist, Total Effects moisturizer or Smooth Finish hair removal duo (excludes Pro-X cleansing device and refills and trial sizes). Walmart has Regenerist Anti-Aging cream for $5.97, do you think this coupon would work on it?

  20. Devine says:

    contest tomorrow at noon on New Era Wrestling’s facebook for a free shirt!!

  21. Danielle says:

    $1 off coupon for Playtex…I don’t think there’s a limit on the # of prints. B1G1 50% off @ Babies R Us started today. =) I heard Target is having the same sale, didn’t check though. Figured I’d share, especially bc of the rock’n deals I find on your site!

  22. Cynthia Root says:

    How do I change the language and location so I can access the coupons? I am a US citizen who shops in Green Valley, AZ but have a house in Mexico from which I often look for my coupons. Am very disappointed that I can not click on coupon and print as it says not in my area.

  23. Hi Heather. I want to let you know that I really like your site. Mine site is still in progress. I taught my first coupon site last night and used your website exclusively to show them what they can find on coupon websites. I hope to be like you when “my site grows up”. LOL I do have a qtn. I notice most bloggers do some of their own store matchups and also use other bloggers’ store matchups (giving them credit, of course). How do you work that out? Also, do you have any hints about how you find what coupons (and where they are) are available to match up? Thanks for your help.

  24. Michele says:

    You had a post today under the CVS adverts that there is a deal on Schick Quattro razors starting 9/25. There is a link going to, and yet there is no Schick Quattro razor. There is a $5 off of the mens Hydro, but not a $5 off the Quattro. Can you advise the zip code you used, or is this an error? Thanks!

  25. crystal says:

    Could you please tell me what program you use for your printable list?
    Thank you!

    1. Heather says:

      Hi Crystal,

      I use the Mortiz Printable List Plug In and the Print Friendly Plug Ins.

      Hope that Helps!

  26. Nicole says:

    Hey! I love your site & use it all the time! I saw a deal I will be taking advantage of & wanted to share it.

    This weekend (September 24th – 25th) at IKEA you can eat for free if you purchase more than $100 worth of home furnishings (at least that’s the case in the store ad near me)! I was planning on doing some shopping there this weekend & just thought I may as well get a free meal out of it while I’m at it!


  27. Christen says:

    I was wondering (in your spare time, of course) if you could explain something for me in regards to Walgreens. I use your posts as guides for my shopping trips, but I’ve run into the same problem twice now. Yesterday I went in with goals of getting the $10 RR when you spend $30 on P&G products. I had everything in order and a coupon for each item. I also threw in a small Tums product as well. After the cashier scanned all my coupons, I then handed over my RR from a previous purchase (none of the RR were for any P&G products). After scanned coupons, the total was a little over $20. But my RR wouldn’t scan because the computer was saying that the value was too high and could not be used. I tried to have the cashier explain it to me and he said that you cannot use manufacturer coupons on more than 1 item. I had a coupon! for Downy fabric softener, and a coupon for Downy sheets. He was trying to tell me that although I had 1 coupon per item, that since it was both Downy, I could not use 2 different coupons. So he had me throw in a small item (I grabbed a Reese’s peanut butter cup for .99) and it still wouldn’t work. So I asked if he could explain it differently, or if there was something I could do differently. I told him I’d rather be able to redeem the RR and not use the coupons if that’s what it had to come down to. He then got flustered enough and just manually entered in the RR’s. So, although I was going to have to pay out of pocket after coupons, and even with my RR, would still have to pay out of pocket, I don’t understand why it wouldn’t take my RR. I doubt every cashier will manually force the register to take my RR.

    I hope I’m making sense. But I don’t understand the value exceeding the cost and filler items. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  28. Matthew Shepard says:

    I found your website just by chance. I LOVE IT and now have bookmarked it. You have the most simple steps for newbie’s and the best tips for Extreamers such as myself. I’ll make sure that in my coupon class to tell people to check this site out!!!!

    My web site to go live soon.

    Thank You
    Matthew Shepard

  29. Jennifer says:

    I think that I some how accidently unsubscribed myself from your emails. Then when I went on your website to resubscribe and clicked on that link, it just brought me here! So… HOW do I resubscribe?? Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. Jennifer says:

      Nevermind! I figured it out! =)

  30. Sandra Wylie says:

    I clicked on the NatureMade supplements ad that appears on your home page. The ad says $1 off any of their products. But when I’m guided to the Target site, the coupon that appears is for 30 ct. or larger NatureMade vitamins, not just any product. Can you help me out on this?

  31. Peg Freeman says:

    Was the AMC Silver movice tickets a one-day deal thing?
    I have been out of town and am catching up with e-mails.
    I wasn’t able to purchase one on line a few minutes ago..

    Peg Freeman

  32. Kory says:

    I live in MA and shop at Stop & Shop, do you know of any site doing the Coupon Match Ups for their weekly sale? BTW I tell everyone about your site! I think it is the best for beginners to experienced couponer’s.

  33. Lisa says:

    What are your opinions on the disney movie club? I have a toddler and want to pick up some movies – but I know you have to buy more – to meet requirements – but it still seems to be a good deal?

  34. Michelle says:

    Are they any place in Northwest AR. That lets you do stacking with coupons?

  35. Edda says:

    Are you no longer posting beginning scenarios for Walgreens or CVS? I really used those a lot when I first discovered your site.

    Please help those of us who have trouble creating these scenarios ourselves!!!!

    1. Heather says:

      Hi Edda,

      I PROMISE to try to get these up next week. I’ve been really sick the last few weeks and I just haven’t been able to keep up with everything but I promise they will be back soon!

      Thanks for understanding!

      1. Edda says:

        I’m sorry you have not been feeling well. I hope it’s nothing serious and I hope you are better soon!

        I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us newbies.


  36. Michelle says:

    Have you ever thought of a coupon maybe meet at the libary and swap coupons or do over the best way to use coupons.

  37. dani says:

    I have shaws in my town, and i know other people do too… but could you guys include shaws on your site. I live in maine so i dont have all the fancy grocery stores just shaws, hannafords, and walmart. So including shaws would be awesome…. i love this site, i love to coupon and have learned a lot from you guys keep up the good work!!

  38. Misty says:

    Hi! I am fairly new to blogging (about 10 months) and wonder how you get to be a part of this big Blogging giveaways. I see that you’re giving away $850 with 15 other bloggers. I would love to do something like this, but don’t know where to start. Thanks!


  39. Hollie says:

    were in AR are you located…I live in Alma and am wondering if these sales are local to my stores here. I have used other coupon blogs and been frustrated because sales didn’t match up. Thanks

  40. Lynette says:

    What happened to the layout…stores listed on the right? New look is not user friendly for individual store deals!

  41. Lynette says:

    What happened to the layout with the stores listed on the right? This new look is not user friendly for the individual stores.

  42. Ona says:

    FYI WalMart has informed me that their coupon policy has changed, they will no longer accept coupons on trial sizes!

  43. Michele says:


    FYI…the links you have put up on 9/2/11 posting for shop for free for Walmart are pointing back to an old post from 2009. Can you correct please for the correct coupon links? Thank you!

  44. Shoshanna says:

    I have a question about Target coupons. Is there anyway of knowing, before printing, which coupons are going to be Target coupons and which are going to be man. coupons? Sometimes I see a good one that I think I can stack with a man. q and then when I print it is a man. q too :( Just wondering if there was anyway of telling. Thanks :)
    P.S. I love your site!! And tell everyone who asks me how to start to come watch your videos.

  45. Susan says:

    I had the Passion for Savings toolbar and I loved it! Now it has disappeared from my computer…can’t find it!!! Is there a place I can go to download it again?

  46. Cody Simmonds says:

    Friday’s has 15% off your entire food purchase through 9/7. Participating locations only. View coupon here:

  47. becky says:

    Hey girl! Just started extreme couponing, and discovered your site. I love it! It has been such a gr8 help to me figuring out how to get stuff cheaper. I’ve only been couponing three wks, but I already wonder how I ever paid full price for everything! lol
    Here’s my questions: I would like to sign up for online coupon savings, etc. but don’t really know where to start. Do you have some suggestions for companies I should start with to get deals?

  48. christine says:

    Hi I am starting to hear that because of the holiday there won’t be any coupons in the Sunday paper. Is this true?

  49. Belinda says:

    Hi Heather,
    I’ve just recently signed up to receive your e-mails and I was wanting to ask a question about some of the deals that you show on your website. Several times I’ve seen where you show that there’s a specific sale on an item at Walmart but when I go to my local store to get the item it won’t be on sale. I asked one of the cashiers and they told me that the items go on sale at different stores at different times according to region. Since I live in North Carolina and you are in Arkansas do you know if they go on sale in your region before or after they do in North Carolina?

  50. Brittany says:


    Does the P&G purchase for $30 ($10RR) have to total $30 BEFORE coupons? Or can I use coupons as long as my value would have been $30?

  51. Ron says:

    Does anyone know where on the page the listing for each store has moved. The
    only things I now see only list one post and not all the posts going back a few days perhaps ?

  52. christine says:

    First let me start by saying I DO like your site. I have found some good savings. But i have to tell you my daughter and i were highly disappointed last night when we went to Walmart to do the match ups that are on your site. One was the febreze, moms oatmeal, and some other of the matchups. They were not as you said. The prices were not what was stated. The one that we got real excited about was the febreze. . . not only did they not have it (which is not a reflection on you) it was not the price you quoted. This was the first time we actually tried the match ups and we very disappointed. Can you possible explain why this might have happened? I live in zip code 28081.
    thank you.

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      Christine, in every national chain there can be price variations. I am sorry to hear that your prices were different!

  53. Brookes says:

    Hi Heather –

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  54. Wanda says:

    How many packets of coupons came out today, 8/28/2011?


  55. Christy says:

    Just wanted to let every body know that DG had the planters Peanutbutter for 1.99.I know WG has it in thier ad this week but you usually cant find it.The good stuff goes fast.I price matched it at WM with a .75 coupon and got it for $1.24.I think that still a good deal.My kids love this peanutbutter.

  56. amanda says:

    HI Heather,
    I was just wondering what your buy/stock up prices are.. I am new to couponing and I don’t think I am doing all that great on trying to save money. I am just not sure if a deal is a good deal .. I have looked at others buy/stock up prices but they are out of state so the prices don’t really work for me. Love love your site!!

  57. Evelyn says:

    hi I was wondering… You know the sunday coupon preview, is it for all states and city sunday newspapers? Thanks

  58. Christy says:


  59. Is it good to join the club? It says you get more and bigger savings. Are any of you members? $3.00 a month is small if you get higher dollar deals.

  60. ysabelle says:

    I am new to your webiste and i love it! I wanted to let you know that Right now coupons. com has 30 dollars off a phillps norcleco electric shaver, and untill saturday walgreens has 10 dollers off the same one, stacked thats 40$ off! My husband paid $7 for his! (we got our coupon out of the sunday, paper but im sure its the same!:) I wanted to let you know so you can post this deal for everyone sense its only good til aug 27!

  61. Debbie Walter says:

    Hi Heather…I would like to ask you a couple of qtns about coupon blogging. Could you possibly send me an email so I can correspond with you a little more privately? Thanks. Debbie Walter owner of Coupons In Motion.

  62. Patti says:

    Hi. I love your website. I have really started to save matching coupons with sales these past couple of months. Now I am getting interested in some of the web deal sites like Groupon, SaveAtHome, Wild. I was hoping you would be interested in doing an article on sites like these and how they work. Thanks!

  63. Christelle says:

    Thanks for your wonderful site and emails….. since I discovered passionforsavings not a day goes by that I do not used it.
    The Oikos yougurt coupon – when they send you the e-mail link you can print it twice…. 2 yougurts for free!!!!

  64. Michelle says:

    I live in the NWA area and wanted to share a freebie for all women in the NW Arkansas area. A local church, Trinity Fellowship in Fayetteville, offers COMPLETELY FREE workout classes! I have attended them for months and there is no fee, no preaching at you, and they are really REALLY good classes! They play religious music during the workout so if you are against that then these classes aren’t for you but they really are amazing instructors and awesome classes! They have classes Monday – Friday! Here is their website with information and a schedule.

    Free fitness classes? THAT is a serious saving!!!

    1. Michelle says:

      Oh and you dont have to go to their church to use this class. All women are welcome from the area!!!

  65. john Rich says:

    You can get my book free with this coupon XQ94J I would if you shared it.

  66. elizabeth says:

    What does the “R” after some of the dates on the coupon books mean (ex. RP 7/31/11 R)? Thanks!

  67. Jen says:


    My name is Jen with The Ultimate Coupon iPhone App. I love coupons and your blog is great. I follow it regularly. I’m reaching out to my favorite coupon bloggers to tell them about our new coupon iPhone app (Ultimate Coupon App) that is about to go live in 3 days- AND to offer to feature your blog inside our Coupon app for FREE!

    This app is a dream come true for any couponer. First of all it is 100% Free. The main section is our custom coupon database listing hundreds of the latest items and coupon inserts to find them in. The app features about a dozen other sections from restaurant deals to the latest daily deals from Groupon, Woot and more. The section that we like the most is called Major Store Deals… this section is updated every day with the latest deals for Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and many more. This app is made by couponers for couponers.


    We are hoping you’d be willing to blog about our new app and mention it on your site. Based on our prior apps, and the amount of promotion we are investing in this one, we expect to get 2000-3000 installs per day for this app. We have a “Featured Coupon Blog” section in the app- listing our favorite coupon blogs. And if you’d be willing to blog about our app (NOT NOW- once its live in a few days (we will contact you when ready))… we will be happy to include your blog and in link to it in our Featured Coupon Blog section for at least 30 days. This app will be used by 1000’s of avid couponers!

    Please tell me if you are interested. You can get a sneak peak of the app here:

    BUT please don’t share it or blog about it just yet- its not live yet. If you plan to do so and want us to feature your coupon blog in our app- please email me back ASAP. Then I will get your details to add your site to our app and tell you when you can promote it.



  68. nany says:

    I was wondering if we can start up a game with this couponing. As to say if u have 10$ how much can u haul with just that in a week. As for here in Florida not much in Miami the stores really don’t double but i believe i can try to get up a good deal.

    1. nany says:

      p.s ny body wit me on this

  69. Krysten says:

    I love your website and wanted to offer everyone a special. I am offering 20% off any order from Tastefully Simple. Just take a look and email me the order and they will get the special. Just put Extreme Couponing in the subject and include your name billing and shipping address and cc number. This is the best offer ever.


  70. Michelle says:

    Hello.I live in Northwest Arkansas.Have you ever tried to see if any store would get some kind of shopping card. Like they have on TLC show extreme couponing?I am enjoying your site thank yoiu so much for doing this.

    1. Christy says:

      Harps is starting a card program.They started it in Fayetteville a couple of weeks ago.I can’t wait for it to start in Bentonville and Springdale.Go to thier web-site and it will tell you all about it and how to register.

  71. Glenda says:

    I remember seeing a post about if you have a Mac computer and not being able to print coupons from some of the websites. Can you please tell me again about what letters to change? Hope you can understand what I’m trying to say. Thanks, love all your info.

  72. SavingSharon says:

    I love your site! I was just going to mention that my Harp’s doubles coupons up to .60 and they have the Gain Dish Soap for .99 making it free after the .50 doubled coupon!
    Fred’s Dollar Store is the same way! They double coupons on Saturdays up to .75 and they have the same soap on sale for $1! Making it free after coupon! I didn’t have to pay tax or anything!
    Harps also has the Cascade trial size pack that you’ve been getting at Wal-Mart for a $1 and there is 4 in the pack instead of 3! :)

  73. Jackie says:

    I wanted to let everyone know that at Walgreens as of yesterday you could still purchase Keri lotion on sale for $6.99 and still get RR for $5.oo. Great deal and even a better deal if you have a coupon of it.

  74. Cindy says:


    I really like your blog! It is very well laid out!
    May I have permission to copy some of your Albertson’s
    I will provide a link it back to your site.
    I wait for your reply,


  75. Shane Foley says:

    I entered all of my information for the 7/27 AMC movie tickets but never received the voucher code. Please help

  76. For those of us looking for a great price on a TV – this one is worth mentioning — The brand new 32” JVC BlackCrystal HDTV is true 1080p, with premium audio and superior picture quality. It should be around $440, but until Sunday 8/14 you can get them online at Walmart for $299. You can also pickup instore so no shipping costs. Here is the link:

    You can see a first look at the 42” version of the product here:

  77. heather says:

    I want to win the free coupons!!!!!! Thanks

  78. CC says:

    Hi Heather,
    Just wanted to let you know that CiCi’s Buffet just sent me a printable coupon for a Buy one Adult Buffet, Get a Kids’ Buffet FREE. You can get the link to the coupon and check out the post on it here –


  79. Simone says:

    Check out! The have fabulous deals!!!! Use this link to register …I hope you love it as much as I do.

  80. Tom says:

    Update from a deal posted a few days ago. Different version of the Shark Steam Mop, but some item and discount.

  81. Montanaela says:

    I just signed up for you email alerts. Thank you!

  82. Mamie says:

    FoodSaver is running a facebook promotion right now where if they reach 50,000 fans by tomorrow, August 17th at 1pm CST, they will give all of their fans a promo code to get 80% off of a FoodSaver + FREE shipping. This would make it only $14!! Hurry over and LIKE FoodSaver on facebook so we can all get this awesome discount!

    From FoodSaver’s page:

    In just 19 hours we will be announcing the final discount for our progressive offer!
    Be sure to share our page with your other deal seeking friends, so we can get to that 80% off level. Here’s a reminder of the discount tiers:

    30,000 total likes = 40% off + free shipping
    40,000 total likes = 60% off + free shipping
    50,000 total likes = 80% off + free shipping

  83. CC says:

    Lisa over at Fantabulously Frugal let me know about this amazing App. You can load all of those pesky key tags and loyalty store cards onto your phone!!! Finally! Check it out here –


  84. Hunter says:

    I was at Walgreen’s today and they have Dove hair care in this week’s ad for 4/$15 and get $5 RR back. I used 2 x Buy a Dove Shampoo/Cond and get a Dove Treatment Free coup0n (I think from Unilever 7/31/11). Since this sale charges the first 3 items at $4.49 each and the fourth item at $1.53, make sure the Treatments are rung up first. They took off $4.49 for each Treatment which left the price for all 4 at $6.02. Add in the $5 RR and I paid $1.02 for all 4! I didn’t try the $1/1 Dove hair care coupon so it may work as well.

  85. Nicole says:

    For NM shoppers, there is a GREAT deal on Campbells “Great For Cooking” Soups at Walgreens. I was able to pick them up for $0.59 per can! The shelf price on these is $1.59. I was able to purchase 5 and use the $1.00 off 5 coupon I printed from the Campbells website. Then I stacked that with the Walgreens in-ad coupon, which had them on sale for $0.79. The ad coupon specifies Limit 3, EXCEPT NM…so we can get all 5 at the $0.79 sale price. So, you come out getting 5 cans for a total of $2.95 or $0.59 each!

  86. Guest says:

    Large bags of Dove Chocolate for only $1 each at Wags – today 8/13 is the last day of the sale!!! Sale Price 2/$5 – (2) $1 Q – $1 RR = $2 (or $1 each). Go to redplum, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, look and scroll through the ad to find the Q…or look for it on the right sidebar.

  87. CC says:

    Hi Heather
    With all the buz about Lands’ End Canvas a couple days ago, I thought I’d let you know that Lands End Canvas has once again opened their ‘Classifieds’ section!!! It is basically a super-clearance section where prices drop lower and lower as the week progresses. Lands’ End has their own version of the ‘Classifieds’ and has new items every week, but the Lands’ End Canvas ‘Classifieds’ are highly coveted because they don’t come out that often. Check out my post re the ‘Classifieds’ here –

  88. EJ says:

    How do I add something to the coupon database? There’s a $2/1 peelie on some Nestle Pure Life water, which were on sale for $2.88 at CVS this week. Next week, they’ll be $2.98 and a free gas card qualifier at $1.88 each after peelie Q!

  89. JOSE says:

    You have a great website except since you have started to place other websites and or adds it has become so slow to load that I for one will no longer will visit and or support your sire.



  90. Gleek says:

    The cvs magic box is printing $1 off of trident, dentine, or strident multipacks. Trident layers and strident shift packs are $10/10, making them FREE with the instore coupon!

  91. Adir says:

    Hi Heather, I run a popular website and wanted to discuss potential arrangements between our sites. Thanks,

  92. Agnes A. says:

    I have question about CVS and ECB. Keep in mind that I havent shopped there yet. When you have the store card do the ecb print out like in walgreens or does it go to your store card??? thank you

  93. Rosa says:

    Hi, I cant get to the coupon database, or anything not on the main page, because the drop downs on the options on the top of the page go behind the banner below them. EX when i go to coupons the drop down is covered by the free extreme couponing classes banner……

  94. Have already “liked” you on facebook

  95. Have subscribed to your newsletter

  96. Shannon Allen says:

    Just liked Passion for Savings on FB!

  97. Jay Jernigan says:

    Hi. I would like to offer a nice giveaway on your facebook page if people like my facebook page. Basically if they go like my page, then you can announce the giveaway winner out of these likes on your page. We could do it for a week if o.k. with you. I just I have done this recently with great success. It is a win for you and me and your fans! Would you be interested? The giveaway will be worth $75-$100. Let me know please. Thanks!
    Jay Jernigan

  98. Dawn says:

    Hello….. I see there is no way to contact you privatly………….I sent my email….I just have a blogging question….. if you havea sec

  99. Peg Freeman says:

    I have tried many times to pull up coupons that you advertise but they are not there. It happened three times today. I would realyy like the $.60 coupon for Ricola Mixed Berry Cough Drops.
    What goes?

  100. Rachel Campbell says:

    Just wanted you to know: I’m having trouble with your website. When I try to click on any of the tabs across the top of the website, the drop-down menus are covered by the new Jif banner ad, and I can’t get to anything. Also, I’m really hating the way the Jif ad expands and moves the page…

  101. Jodi says:

    I cannot find the enfamil gentlease coupons that you are listing are available on

  102. kris says:

    Next week at Walgreens their are a few items on sale that Im having trouble finding coupons for could you please, help. Thanks!

    Purex 32 load laundry detergent $1.99
    Organix Hair care 2/$12 with 5rr = 2/$7
    Aussie or Herbal essences $3 with $1 rr = $2
    Right Guard & got 2b Buy 1 get 1 free
    Tresemme hair care 4/$15 – 5rr= 4/$10
    Listerine 72 pack pocket paks $3 -2rr=$1
    General mills Cereal ( fiber one, Honey nut cherrios, cinnamon toast cruch) 3/$7
    Also, Keri lotion on SALE $5.99- 5RR
    zIploc bags 2/$4 limit 4
    Purex complete 3 in 1 laundry sheets 4.99- 2rr=$ 2.99
    Lysol 2/$5 $15 in poduct get 5 rr

  103. Pam says:

    Hi. Love this site and am thankful for all the work you put into it. Today I have been receving a trojan error messsage when loading up the initial page. It says something about the leadform . It’s just an ad and I can see the rest, but I wouldn’t want it to cause problems for anyone, just thought you might want to know about it. My software indicates the following 8/4/2011 10:16:25 PM Infected Trojan program Exploit.HTML.CVE-2011-1255.a Web page wit a ton of other numbers after it… maybe its just my problem, just an fyi. Thanks again!

  104. kimmie says:

    I get a ton of emails daily regarding couponing, coupons rebates, ect. and your webiste is the best! your deals are always new ( not expired), you tips are easy to follow and your email format is great! thanks!!!

  105. martha says:

    Hi, I went to Walmart today. I had coupons for whonu? cookies for b1g1 and also $1.00 off coupons for the same item. I thought that i would be able to use the coupons if i handed them the 2 $1.00 off coupons and then the b1g1. Well the cashier refused to take them, she said I could only use one or the other. I told her I should at least be able to use the $1.00 off coupon on the one I’m purchasing. She raised her voice and said “only the B1G1 and that’s It!” I was so embarrassed because there was a line of people behind me. So I just payed and left. Was I wrong, trying to use the coupons like that? I’ve been so bummed out about this all day. Thanks

  106. Vince VanFossen says:

    Just wanted to let you know that one of your ads on the side of the page and at the bottom of the page is causing my Antivirus program to block those ads. I have been coming to your site for about 2 months but today is the first day this has happened. It is telling me something about a Trojan. It has happened on 2 different computers.

    I love the site. Very helpful to me. Just wanted to let you know about this.

  107. d says:

    :( This has never happened before today, but I each time I click on a link from your page, my Kaspersky (antivirus) keeps popping up saying “Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Access denied

    The requested URL cannot be provided
    The requested object at the URL:

    Have you changed something? It’s saying that it’s an exploit HTML

  108. Lori says:

    Hey Heather
    Thank you for your wonderful site. I am trying to start a coupon website to help people who live in my area. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on the best ways to start it. If you could send me an e-mail I have lots of questions if you have the time! Thank you so much!

  109. Hello,

    I think you missed my previous mail.

    Please do recommend if and how would you like to take this forward. You could reply to this mail or if you would like us to discuss this over a quick phone call, we would love to do that as well.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks and regards,

    Nidhi Shankar
    Sr. Business Development Specialist

    US (M) : +1 415 223 2613
    US (voicemail): +1 4152232641

  110. Brian says:

    I just got this in email:
    Use Coupon Code 0704

    Limit 3 per Order

    Star Lavender Alerxandire Earrings

    Turquoise Heart Shaped Earrings
    Only 30 Left!

    Turquoise Heart Earrings
    Navajo turquoise, known by the black or dark lines marbled through the stone is the type of stone many believe keep you in place of connectedness and love with others.
    Wards Off Negativity!
    Carries the moon’s energy or female energy. It is best set in the silver metals, also carrying the moon’s energy.

    The plain Cross is an ancient symbol, surviving the test of time. Spotted around the necks of some Christian faithful; it is meant to signify faith, and to show that Jesus Christ is no longer on the Cross, but risen. This necklace is said to have a direct connection with Jesus Christ, His love and sacrifice for humanity; and also help the wearer in times of need.

    Description: Plain Gold Cross Necklace
    Follow this link:

    Was $110.95

    On Sale: $ 34.95

    Please take a make and forward this message to 3 friends.

  111. Robin says:

    Hi there.

    I am actually one of your facebook fans because I love couponing and freebies and so do all my friends… I’ve referred quite a few people to your page. That being said, I was wondering about something… I am trying to promote my AVON business and website, and have just recently started writing weekly notes on Facebook highlighting special savings at AVON, as well as offering my own individual representative promotions (free item w/ purchase, free deluxe sized samples for referrals of qualified customers, etc). My question is, would you be willing to post my promo offers on your FB wall to help me grow my biz? Please consider it and let me know what you think? Here’s a link to my most recent note that I posted today:

  112. Shanta says:

    Hi Heather, I wanted to inform & others about the RiteAid crest deal. For those of us that purchased the one with the bonus toothpaste on the Crest rinse bottle isn’t showing up for our SCR’s. just a thought of something you might can look into for us!!!!! Thank you….

  113. Monica says:

    Has there been a change on The last 3 or 4 times I have printed out coupons I have notice there is only one bar code? Shouldn’t there be 2? I printed some coupons from Kellogg’s website today and there was only one bar code too? everything I have read about coupon, say there must be 2 bar codes? any answer would help.

  114. Dawn says:

    Just wondering how you learned to do this blogging……care to share???

  115. Mandy says:

    Good morning,
    I’m trying to get to your coupon database, but I am unable to. When I hold the curser over the coupon link the option bar is hiding behind the extreme couponing classes link. It is also happening when I put my curser on the online and extreme couponing link. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  116. Darwin says:

    I love your search engine & use it a lot. But the last week or so it will not work for me. Whats up with it?

    1. Heather says:

      The search on the Navigation Bar? That One I’m having problems with, I’m trying to get someone to fix it so hang in there hopefully in the next day or so it will be fixed.

  117. Toy says:

    Just thought I’d let you know that the IGA on North College, Fayetteville, is now doubling up to 50 cent coupons. They have large banners instore stating this. I will look more closely at their weekly sales ads now. Thanks for all your help and information!!

  118. I am an email subscriber…right now I organize my coupons in a “coupon folder”, but it’s seen it’s last days, and is falling apart!

  119. Jeanette Schild says:

    Darn your database is not functioning today.

  120. Lauri says:

    Thanks for all you do to make this such a great site. This must be so much work but it is my favorite blog site. It makes it so much easier to save. Thank-you.

  121. Amy says:

    Is there a site to trade coupons? I have alot of extra whole inserts or clipped coupons that I would like to trade. Thanks

    1. Christy says:

      Hi Amy,I would love to trade coupons if you have extras.I have 4 grandchildren that I take care of and with the price of groceries it’s hard.I would love to trade coupons with you.My e-mail address is [email protected]


  122. Michelle says:


    I am writing to you because I see you know alot about blogging and I needed some pointers. Please. I feel like I am in a dark room with NO lights. I have a passion for saving and letting people know about the great deals I find! Would you please share with me the 101 on the do’s and don’ts of blogging. I do have AdSense on my blog but I don’t think that will make a great big pay’check. How can you make money from a blog? I want to say thank you for taking the time and giving your thoughts to this matter.


    P.S. Really I want the truth. You won’t hurt my feelings :)

  123. Amy Hill says:

    I am unable to print from the latest deals page. I check off what I want, click print my list, then nothing….any suggestions because I love your site.

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      Hey Amy! Sometimes switching the browser can solve the problem. If you have Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Google Chrome or vice versa!

  124. Lisa says:

    so – here the is scoop – we get very little coupons here in our paper – so I just started ordering via services: coupons by dede and the q hunter – both are not selling inserts this week
    what are my options? ebay only?

    1. Amy says:

      I have some extra Red Plum inserts. Which week are you looking for?

  125. Kim says:

    There is a great deal at Food Fair right now. Front page has Imperial sugar for $1.49. Go to Imperials website and print a coupon for 50 cents off. That makes Imperial sugar 99 cents, unheard of for Imperial. Walmart will price match this.

  126. Denise says:

    I use – They have awesome deals on ink at 1/3 the cost of stores such as walmart. Just purchased 10 cartridges for my Kodak printer for 59.00

  127. Dawn says:

    Hi just wanted to let you know I was @ walmart today and I used the $1.00 off ben&jerry’s coupon on the 3.7oz small ice cream cups! They were free b/c the coupon has no size limit and they were only $1.00! I got 21 of them!

    1. Amanda says:

      How and/or where did you get 21 coupons?

  128. Shar89131 says:

    Hi latonya824
    I usually get a great deal on my printer ink from Ebay, I was able to find a set of 8 genuine Dell ink cartridges for $65 after shipping. Not bad considering that each genuine ink cartridge usually sells for $30 each in the stores – yikes!

    I also have a Rewards card thru Staples, and they give me $2 Rewards Credit on every empty ink cartridge I recycle with them. They will allow up to 10 ink cartridges per month, so you can earn up $2o in Free Cash Rewards every month just for recycling your empty ink cartridges with them. They also offer 10% Rewards Credit on every purchase you make. You can use this Rewards credit towards any purchase in their store or online, including paper and ink! They also have Rewards matchup deals from time to time – example, buy a 20 pack of AA batteries for $9.99, and get $9.99 Rewards Dollars back. So you’re basically getting the batteries for free after getting your Rewards. They also do this with paper reams, last month they had paper for $5.99 and offered an Easy Rebate for $5.99 = Free paper! Your Rewards expire after 30 days of the issue date.
    If you don’t have a Staples near you, then maybe try to find out if you have another Office Supply store that will reward you for ink recycling, as well as other reward types. :-)

  129. latonya824 says:


    I have been printing so much since I have been reading your blog. How do I save on ink? Can I get ink with coupons? I have a cannon mp490.

    1. Denise says:

      I get my ink from Last purchase one week ago was 10 cartridges for 59.95 for my Kodak printer. Great prices and frequent sales.

      1. Teresa says:

        Latonya, Staples gives you $3 for every empty ink cartridge you return to them, they will send you a credit I think it’s every month and you can use it for anything in Staple’s. I usually wait until I have around 5 or 6 empty cartridges before I hand them in.

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