How to Make a DIY Felt Christmas Tree for Kids

  • Author: Kelsey Apley



  1. Start with your green felt, and cut it in the shape of a triangle, to make the tree shape.
  2. Next, take a cup or jar that is circular, and trace around the felt to make circles, this will be your ornaments. Add on the top portion of the ornament, and then repeat as many times as you would like. Cut out the ornaments and set aside.
  3. Then add some glitter glue to your ornaments to give it some color and design. I did lines, but you can dress your ornaments up however you would like.
  4. Then go ahead and make other shapes like stars, or follow my tutorial on the video to make easy Christmas presents as well. I also made fun Christmas tree lights you can watch and learn how to free-hand make as well.
  5. For the Christmas trees just cut a red triangle. Then take smaller green strips to act like ribbon and place in a ‘T’ shape on the red. Glue it down, and cut out a bow.
  6. Once you have all your tree accessories complete, attach to a wall with a command strip for easy removal without hurting your paint on the wall.