35 Amazing Dollar Tree Christmas Finds This Year

I gathered 35 Amazing Dollar Tree Christmas Finds for your home this year! Let me share all the awesome items to consider buying for Christmas at the Dollar Tree!

I love the Dollar Tree, you can find a ton of great finds for just a dollar that you can transform your home, give as gifts and so much more. 

Dollar Tree Christmas Finds

1.) Christmas Ornaments

Dollar Tree has a ton of Christmas Ornaments that you can use for decorating your tree, gifting your family and friends and more. Depending on your location will depend on what your store has. 

2.) Decorative Bells 

You could hang these in the home, place in a glass decorative jar and more. Such a fun way to use and create a fun bell inspired decor piece for your home. 

3.) Artificial Flowers 

If you love to find flowers to add to your home, consider hitting up the Dollar Tree. This is a great way to snag flowers to create displays, stick in your tree and more. 

4.) Holiday Containers 

Here is a great holiday container idea to place gifts in, add baked goods like cookies and more. This is a very affordable option if you want to buy a handful of containers. 

5.) Plastic Christmas Ornaments 

Here is a great sale on plastic Christmas ornaments. You can stuff hot cocoa in these, decorations and more. A gift to loved ones, hang from your tree and more. 

6.) Ribbon 

Holiday ribbon is something I never have enough of. Whether it is for decorations, wrapping presents, and more. This is my go-to place for buying ribbon all year round. 

7.) Drape Tissue 

A great price for when you need a lot for gifts and more. You can also use this for decorating your home too if you have a few crafts in mind. 

8.) Tree Skirt 

Here is a sparkly tree skirt to consider using for your tree or your child’s tree in their room. This is a deal that you might not want to pass up.

9.) Garland 

Here is a great place to find a few different styles of garland to use for your home. Whether you decorate your tree, mantle, or use in crafts you will find it is a great affordable price point.  

10.) Christmas Gift Bags 

This is my secret weapon you guys! They have the cutest bags for a nice price! Trust me, this works just as good as any other bag you will buy, and it is way cheaper in price. 

11.) Christmas Tree

This is a miniature Christmas Tree that you could truly make look amazing. Give it a rustic feel and add ornaments, ribbon and more for a whole new look. 

12.) Decor Piece 

I love these pinecone decor pieces with little berries. Tuck these into your Christmas tree for a fun pop of a rustic feel. These are so affordable and only a few needed to add dimension to your tree.

13.) Snow Globes 

If you have a special place in your heart for a classic snow globe check out their mini ones. These are so cute to put on display in your home for that classic holiday feel. 

14.) Big Ornaments 

If you want some larger style ornaments you can find some single ornaments that are a great item to buy to help add a few new looks to your Christmas tree or home decor. 

15.) Christmas Baskets 

This Santa Christmas Basket is a great idea to use for filling with candy, decor and more. Set out to add a pop of festive feel to anywhere in your home, or office. Or use to create a gift basket full of presents for a loved one.

16.) Christmas Pickle

Here is a Christmas Pickle. I mean who doesn’t want a silly pickle to hang on your tree to shock people or gift to loved ones who love a pickle. 

17.) LED Window Candles 

Here is a great one to consider buying and place in your windows of the home. A soft glow that is LED so it lasts for a long time and uses a minimal amount of energy. 

18.) Ceramic Containers 

These ceramic containers are great for all types of things in your home. Add a flameless candle, fill with candy, and more. There is no wrong way to use these decor pieces in the home. 

19.) Holiday Candles 

Who says you have to pay an arm and a leg for a holiday scented candle. Here is a holiday candle that is so simple but offers that fresh winter aroma you want. 

20.) Christmas Potpourri 

You can use this to help add fragrance to your home but also add a rich deep color of decor to your home. I love the look of potpourri and this set is just stunning. 

21.) Christmas Tins 

Here is a great Christmas Tin design to consider stuffing full of baked goods to give to loved ones, or use to put on display in your home. This is a fantastic price point. 

22.) Santa Tins Buckets

Another great item is these Santa tin buckets. They could be great to stuff full of goodies like nail supplies, snacks, or kid toys to give loved ones. 

23.) Wood Christmas Signs 

Hang on your front door, wall in your home, or sit on a mantle or table in your home. These wooden signs are perfect for any area of the home. 

24.) Christmas Trees 

Here are another style of Christmas Tree’s I found at Dollar Tree. Bright, colorful and a fun piece for indoor decor or even sitting on your porch to greet your guests. 

25.) Christmas Gift Boxes

Christmas Gift Boxes are always a must for us. This is a set you can get with a variety of sizes so you can maximize your wrapping of presents. Leave the boxes as is, or add your favorite wrapping paper on top. 

26.) Classic Christmas Ball Ornaments 

Another great one is these classic Christmas Ball sets. You get a tube of ornaments that look just as good as other brands, and it cost a fraction of the price. Talk about a win if there ever was one. 

27.) Decorative Bows 

These are great for sticking on larger presents, using to dress up the stairs in your home and more. I love the glittery decorative bows the best. 

28.) Holiday Tumblers 

Here is a great one to snag! A holiday tumbler for you see it $1! Add in some fun snacks, hot cocoa mix and more to create a custom gift for a friend or family member. 

29.) Wrapping Paper 

You can find the decent quality paper at Dollar Tree. Some of it can be pretty thin but it still gets the job done, and could be exactly what you are looking for this year. 

30.) Decorative Candles 

Here is another candle that has a flannel feel going on. These are great to use to display in your home. Even if you don’t light them, they add such pop of style to your home. 

31.) Wood Christmas Decor 

You will find that Dollar Tree has TONS of decor items. What I love is no one will even guess it is from the Dollar Tree. It is fun, rustic, classic, and more. 

32.) Decorative Bells 

If you are a fan of the movie Polar Express this is a fun one to use these bells for. Or decorate your home, stuff in Christmas ornaments and more. 

33.) Paint Ornament Craft 

These are a great one to buy for kids! Have that personal touch on your tree, gift to loved ones and more. These paint ornaments are so affordable and such a pretty idea. 

34.) Cookie Plate for Santa 

Here you can find a great Santa plate to load up the cookies or desserts you leave out for Santa! You can pay a ton for a Santa plate, so consider buying one of these. 

35.) Christmas Platters 

You will also find an assortment of Christmas platters that are great for serving up your appetizers, side dishes, and more. I love this buffalo plaid look. 

What is your favorite Christmas Dollar Tree find?