21 Adorable Father’s Day Card Ideas You Can Make at Home!

Looking for homemade Father’s Day Card Ideas that you can make at home? I have a ton of ideas to make dad feel special this Father’s Day. Homemade Father’s Day cards kids and adults can make for their dads. 

Father’s Day will be here before you know it, take an hour or two out of your day and sit down with your kiddos and let them create a homemade card for dad. 

More Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day Card Ideas 

1.) Fish Handprint Card from The Best Ideas For Kids

If dad enjoys fishing make a card that showcases his love for fishing. Plus you can capture your child’s tiny handprint that can become a keepsake forever. 

2.) Popsicle Father’s Day Cards from Projects with Kids 

Here is a fun Father’s Day card idea that is all about summer and fun. Popsicle shaped cards to brighten dads day. Give this recipe a try and see how you like it. 

3.) Magic Father’s Day Card from Easy Peasy Fun 

Here is a really fun card to make, this offers a magic trick for dad. It shows black and white and then when you lift it out of holder it shows a colorful design. 

4.) Turtle Card from Red Ted Art 

Transform your child’s handprint into a turtle. This is a quick and easy card idea that is custom and can be a fun and special card for dad to look at over the years. 

5.)  Paper Robot Card from I Heart Crafty Things

I love this robot card where you can slip in a picture of your child. This is a quick and easy card that your child can help create with you for a homemade card for dad. 

6.) Fill in The Blank Father’s Day Card from Today’s Creative Life 

Here is a great card that can make dad see exactly what their child thinks of them. This card shares all the unique and loving characteristics of dad. 

7.) Pizza Card from Things To Share And Remember 

Dad love pizza? If so this pizza card might be a fun and creative way to show your love to him. Make him a card that showcases his favorite food. 

8.) Pop Up Grill Card from Jennifer Maker 

You will love this pop-up grill card. Add in your favorite designs to make it a personalized card for dad. If he is the grill master, he might love this card. 

9.) Twist and Pop Father’s Day Card from Easy Peasy Fun 

Here is a pop-up card that your child can help make and color to give it that homemade feel. A few supplies is all you need to make this homemade card. 

10.) I Love You Beary Much from Red Ted Art

Love dad beary much? Give him a bear card to share how much you love him. Easy, quick, and great for a last minute card idea. 

11.) Bee Father’s Day Card from Extreme Couponing Mom 

Whip up this bee card to let dad know how incredible he is! easy to make and only a handful of supplies are what you need to make this DIY card. 

12.) Father’s Day Tuxedo Card from Easy Peasy Fun 

I love this tuxedo style card. Something fun and different and just a few steps you have a homemade card to give dad to make him feel loved and have a creative card he can save. 

13.) Nuts and Bolts Card from Red Ted Art

If dad is the piece that completes your family or loves to be handy with his tools he might love this nuts and bolt card. 

14.) Sunshine Card from I Heart Crafty Things 

This sunshine card is colorful, bright and a fantastic card to make dad feel incredibly happy. Even toddlers can help create this card. 

15.) Dino-Mite Card from The Soccer Mom Blog 

Here is an adorable and fun dinosaur card that your little one can help cut and glue down the card. Transform cardstock into a dinosaur in minutes. 

16.) Origami Shirt from Hello Wonderful 

If you grew up doing origami you might enjoy this fun shirt for dad. As he opens it up inside is a picture of his child or you could do of his family. 

17.) O-Fish-Al Card from The Best Ideas For Kids

How cute is this fish card? Whether dad enjoys fishing or if he is a first-time dad, this card will be sure to pull at his heartstrings when he sees it. 

18.) Finger Paint Card for Dad from Clare’s Little Tots 

Grab some paint and fingerpaint a card for dad that will be one-of-a-kind and absolutely unique. This is a wonderful idea for little kids who might not know how to help much with cards. 

19.) Light Up Father’s Day Card from Left Brain Craft Brain

Does dad love lightsabers? Give this card a try, it is so simple to make and will be pretty incredible to give to him to make him feel like you know and what he likes. 

20.) Love You To The Moon And Back Card from Non Toy Gifts 

Love dad to the moon and back? Make him a rocket ship that gets your point across! This is a fun rocket that opens up that you can write a personalized message to make him know how you feel. 

21.) Shirt Card from Easy Peasy Fun 

Here is one more shirt that is so easy to make and great for dad. I love how easy it is to make and a bit of an older kid could easily make this all by themselves. 

Have you found inspiration from one of these father’s day card ideas?