FREE Printable Chore Charts for Kids

Free Printable Chore Charts

FREE Printable Chore Charts for Kids Online

One of my local Moms Groups that meets every month was talking about Getting Organized for the new year last month and one of the topics that came up was Chore Charts for Kids by Ages. There are a lot of lists out there for Different Chore Charts and tons of resources on Age Appropriate Chores for kids so I thought that I would not only offer you a list of Ideas of Chores by Age but also share with you some of my Favorite FREE Printable Chore Charts for Kids!

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We have put together a good list of Chores for Kids by Ages, keep in mind every kid is different these are just guidelines and suggestions, choose the chores that fit and work best for your kids!

List of Ideas of Chores by Age

Chores for Kids Ages 2-3:

Pick Up Toys & place in Toy Basket

Wipe Off Table

Bring Laundry from Hamper to Laundry Room

Put Clothes in the Dryer


Throw Trash Away

Chores for Kids Ages 4-5:

Set the Table  (We just do Forks and Napkins at this age)

Fold Dish Towels

Make Their Bed

Pick Up Their Room

Clear the Table

Put up Silverwear out of Dishwasher (Without Knives)

Empty Small Wastebaskets around the house

Fold Socks

Help Make Dinner or Lunch

Take out Recycling

Chores for Kids Ages 6-7:

Fold Laundry


Get Mail or Newspaper


Empty Dishwasher

Water Plants

Clean Out Car of Trash & Vacuum


Clean Rooms

Put Up Groceries

Water Plants

Chores for Kids Ages 8-10:


Taking Out Trash

Weeding in the Garden

Wash Windows

Watching Siblings

Meal Prep


Sweeping Garage

Walk the Dogs

Chores for Kids ages 11 and older:

Starting Laundry

Wash Dishes

Cleaning Bathrooms

Packing Lunches

Baking Desserts


Mowing the Yard

Wash the Car

Clean Out the Pool


Click Here to Download Chore Chart

FREE Printable Chore Charts for Kids

I also have a FREE Printable Blank Chore Chart you can use! You can fill in Age Appropriate Chores for you kids. I thought about making customized Chore Charts. Let me know if you’d rather have those but I thought that personally I prefer being able to customize things like this for my specific kids and the things that work best for our family!

You can put the Chore Charts in a Plastic Sleeve Protector and hang them on the Fridge, then use a Dry Erase Marker or Crayon (Like these here) to Check off Tasks each day. You can easily wipe these clean and start over at the beginning of each week!

Click Here to Download Responsibility Chart

FREE Printable Responsibility Charts for Kids

I also thought I would do a Daily Responsibilities Chart this is a fun way for Kids to keep up with what needs to be done every day. At our house this includes taking toys to their rooms, cleaning their rooms, brushing their teeth, making their bed, picking up dirty clothes etc.

The great thing about these forms is you can completely customize them with the Chores/Responsibilities that work for you and your family!

I would love for you to share what has worked for your family at different ages, just leave a comment below!

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