How to Tie a Bow on a Gift

Do you want to learn how to tie a bow on a gift? I love shopping for gifts and having stores wrap presents for me. They do such an incredible job. With this year and life, online shopping is pretty big. So that leaves adding a bow on gifts to me. Here are some ideas on how to tie bows on gifts to elevate the look of your gifts in minutes. 

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How to Tie A Bow 

Idea #1 Traditional Bow

For this idea, you start with a regular loop on the left side and circle it around with the right side and pull through, just like you’re tying your shoes. Adjust the bow so the ribbons are facing the right way and cut the tails to size.

This is one of the easiest bows you can make, and it doesn’t take many steps! It offers a gorgeous presentation as well. 

Idea #2 Double Loop Bow

For this idea, you start with two loops and simply tie the two loops together! That’s it! Trim the tails to size after you’ve adjusted the bow.

Idea #3 Beautiful Bow Hack

(This is my favorite hack!!) This bow looks fancy but it’s SO easy to create! Simply create a loop (the size will depend on how large you want your bow to be) by looping the ribbon over and over around itself 4-5 times like in the photo.

The more layers you wrap the ribbon around itself, the fluffier your bow will be when you’re through! Next, press the loops flat like in the photo. Then, fold it in half and cut a notch out of each side like in the photo.

Unfold it and lie the looped ribbon (with the notches cut out in the middle) in the center of the existing ribbon already tied on the package as in the photo. Simply tie the ends of the ribbon on the package around the looped, notched ribbon you just made. Lastly, fluff up the loops and cut the ends of the ribbon to size. It looks like a fancy bow, but it’s so easy!!

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