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  1. Autumn says:

    I am new to couponing & want to learn how to save money

  2. trina says:

    my daughter is a single working mother who receives very little in food stamp help.. i took a 250 some odd dollar grocery bill down to 150 in items that she uses alot of every month..packing breakfast and lunches to go to daycares takes a good bit of goodies..with sales and coupons i stock piled 2 months worth of cereal, fruit snacks, hot dogs, cereal bars, peanut butter, chicken nuggets and one months worth of yogurt, now i’m collecting the same coupons to do it again when those items go on huge sale in a bout 6 weeks. this helps stretch those food stamps so more fruit and veggies can be obtained and allows my grand kids to have better meals

    1. Katrina Lewis says:

      Hello Trina my name is Katrina also called Trina I am in a group of Katrina’s Trina’s Catrina and other variations of the name. I was just discussing with 1 of the Katrina’s about our interest in learning how to coupon. I told other Katrina they have coupon classes. She stated it would be nice to have a coupon group. Funny finding a Trina here perhaps you can join our group on Facebook (Katrina’s Group) and share some of your tips on couponing?

  3. Debra says:

    I would like to know if stores honor No Expiration Date coupons that don’t have a UPC code on them to scan. I have many from 20 years ago that I would like to use.

    1. Denise says:

      Hi Debra,
      Not sure if anyone answered your question about stores taking old coupons that do not expire. All the ones I have used the cashier has to get the supervisor to help. The only thing they say is: That is an old coupon. Does that mean, they think I’m old?? ha ha

  4. Tami says:

    I am just starting to coupon, still in my first month so I dont understand what I’m doing quite yet. I am finding great coupons, but not always items that I would typically buy…also struggling with coupons only being good for a short time :( So I find great deals but being on a tight budget, there isnt a lot to just spend on items that aren’t needed. I was excited that my first week I got something for free!!! Im really glad I found this site to help learn how to use all the deals that I find. So far I have done the first and second class.

  5. nora bowden says:

    I am new to couponing, so I am not real sure about what I am doing yet. My qustion is why do most of the websights have the same coupons and where can I find lots of different ones for the brands that I use? There are websites that don’t give you printable coupons but give you a bar code, and I think those are for on line orders, and I don’t shop online, I am looking for the real (hold in your hand) take to the store coupons.. Today you have to make that dollar go as far as you can.. Thank goodness for coupons…

  6. Tonya Woods says:

    I’m a single mom so I try to save money where ever I can.

  7. Debbie says:

    I have tried to go to the beginner couponing 101, but it just keeps taking me back to where I signed up for it. Any suggestions on how to get to the videos? Thanks,

    1. Ayana says:

      hey i had the same problem but you have to sign up to the website first then type your email address into the box next to where it says “im a subscriber”

    2. Heather says:

      Type your email in the box and click the button that says “I’m a Subscriber” that should get you to the videos. Or go to my You Tube Page at

  8. Lody says:

    I am also a newby in couponing and I’m glad that I found this website. This is the best for it teaches us (new couponer) the basic and the advance strategy, and it’s free! The layout itself is so feminine, organized, neat and simple to understand.
    Many thanks,

  9. Kendle87 says:

    Hi, I’m new to couponing. I have a binder, I buy at least 2-3 sunday newspapers and clip for at least an hour while my husband sleeps I go by the dates and see when they will go bad and if I need anything at the sore and then I go shopping later that day, the next day or later that week. My problem is I would use at least 8-10 different coupons but I would walk away spending 172 and saving only 10-20 dollars. I hear stories about how that person saved 100 dollars or 50 dollars or 60 ect. I need help I want to be able to come home and tell my husband I spent 200 dollars and spent 100 or I spent 195 and saved 65 dollars. I want to be able to tell him I spent a lot but I also saved alot. How can I do that? I need help and some advie please. Thanks!

    1. Amber says:

      Kendle 87
      U want to save your coupons until you see that specific item go on SALE!!! And then you use that coupon. You also want to check out the circulars in your Sunday paper and see which items you may need that you have a coupon for and if it’s on SALE then you might want to get it. This site has great matchups where she shows you different stores and the best deals along with the coupons to go with those deals. You can find a lot of FREE things if you just wait until you have made a list and made sure that item is on sale before you buy it. I am not an expert at this yet, i’ve only been at it for 6 weeks, but I have already saved $85 dollars on one of my grocery bills by doing what I explained to you previously! I hope this helps! You can do it, just be patient, it does take time. Also, it is so much fun once you get the hang of it!

  10. hi, my name is melissa and i used to get such a huge rush from couponing, i would go in to the store and get $100 worth of groceries for $1.00 and since ive had kids and its 15 years later we could really use the extra $, the problem is i dont have a clue as to what to do, ive seen commercials about the movie on tlc called extreme couponing and the terms spread sheets and pda’s keep popping up & i have no idea what all that means, i am in desperate of guidance so can someone anyone help me learn how to start couponing and saving my family some money……please!!! i am so desperate. thank you hope to hear from you soon god bless!!!

  11. Rosalie says:

    I too am having trouble accessing your on line classes. I did put my email address in the box and hit “I’m a subscriber”, but it just loops around to the same screen. I must be doing something wrong. P.S. I just signed up for your e-mails today. Does that make a difference?

  12. Kay S. says:

    I am subscribed to your emails but cannot figure out where you register to get your Savings 101 online coupon class. Would you please let me know so I can register for these. Thank you!!

    1. Christy says:

      KAY S. did you figure it out? first sign up and them put your email in where it says I’M A SUBSCRIBER

      1. Kay S. says:

        Yes, I did figure it out. Thank you so much! I look forward to learning more about saving!

  13. Brenda says:

    Wow! I’ve come a long way thanks to your Passion for Savings emails. I’m learning about couponing and taking advantage of every deal I find. I was able to save $91.25 on my food bill last week. That’s major! Ninety-one dollars and twenty five cents worth of free food. Thank you so, so much for your awesome website and emails. Please keep sending them! I want to be able to double that savings in the near future, it feels great to save!

  14. Amy says:

    Just wanted to send a thanks! This last week I picked up free ketchup, eye drops and toothbrushes thanks to the posts I say from Passion for Savings on my coupon updates! I plan to do a little shopping today. I have $2 in free mperks and plan to go pick some free cheese :)

    Also stores will vary by region on overages. I live in Ohio. I went to one Target they allowed overages, I went to another an hour away (my Easter destination) and they would not. I still got my product free or only paid tax! It also could have been the person who checked me out and the fact I went first thing in the morning and they were not at all busy. Also where I live they only double up ro 99 cents, where as, a few hours north they double coupons up to $1! (needless to say I save up certain coupons when I visit home or if it is a good enough deal I mail them). They way I see it I will save 66 cents than I would here and I just pick up my groceries next time I visit! (she will even freeze things for me!)

    I would never call myself an extreme couponer but this site has really helped me better utilize for maximum savings. I always text message my Mom, sisters and best friend about the savings I get.

  15. Patience says:

    All of you wondering about getting cash back overages and what stores do that…I can name you 1 that just updated their coupon policy (can be printed on their website) that is probably close to you…WALMART!!! Yes walmart will pay you money if you manage to master the art of coupons making overages!!

  16. patty says:

    We dont have double coupons in Vegas? Do you ever have problems with the overages? Meaning does the store give you grief? Albertsons had Covergirl product on sale for 1.99 and my coupon was for 2.00, they guy said he couldnt do it, It wouldnt scan. After manager called they did it but only gave me 1.99 help. Do you ever answer questions? If so i would love to know answers to the above ladies questions too. Good ones y’all

  17. Wendy Reeves says:

    Following you on Twitter and tweeted about the free couponing class

  18. Wendy Reeves says:

    Subscribed to your email list

  19. Pam says:

    I am watching the show on Tv now extreme couponing. I do not understand how when money is left over from a coupon at the grocry that it carrys over as cash. Can anyone explaing this to me.

    Thanks for any help in advance.


  20. Pam says:

    I am trying to locate the free couponing download videos.

    Thanks so much,


  21. dawn says:

    I just started couponing and love how much we save. I realize only by what you use. Couponing can get you to buy things you would normally would never buy. But i do like to get the deals and Know that rainchecks are a lovely thing. Everytime i go to get what I want its usually gone. I like this site along with Keep up the great work.

  22. Rebecca says:

    I am in the same boat as Mandi and Shay. I live in a small town that has a walmart. WE also have a CVS and a Walgreens but I am under none of these stores offer a double o triple coupon day. Any suggestions as to how to save lots of $$$$$ with whats available to me?

    1. Heather says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      I think if you follow along on the deals available at Walmart and CVS you will be surprised at how much you can save. I only have Walmart and Walgreens and Target. I don’t have another grocery store to shop at really, just a local one that is a little higher priced so every once in a while I get a good deal.

      What I would suggest is to focus on Health and Beauty Items first. You should be able to get most of those free at CVS and Walgreens so that would reduce your budget by saving on those items first. Then you’ll start to find those deals at Walmart that you can stock up on. Planning your menu and Buying when Items are on sale is also another great way to save.

  23. Mandi says:

    I saw the new show about couponing last night and am INTRIGUED. However, it seems that the trick is to have a store that offers double or even triple coupon days and the area that I live in does not have a store that does that. How do you have great success at this if this is the case? I am open to all kinds of great tips.

  24. Anna says:

    I am new at couponing and would love to learn how to save hundreds on my grocery bill.

  25. shirley says:

    love to learn about saving $$$$ with couponing

  26. Shay says:

    New to couponing and trying to find a good place to get newspapers. I live in a small town and the only stores around are Walgreen, Food Lion, and Wal-Mart. Any suggestions on how to have successful trips in a small town.

    1. MARIA says:

      Another way to save money is by buying the Sunday paper on Saturday instead of Sunday. The Sunday paper is available on Saturday at Publix and Walgreens.

  27. Jodi says:

    I would love to teach my daughter about money with Dave’s kids stuff!

  28. Kim says:

    Excited to join!!

  29. Christy McGill says:

    Couponing is the most fun!

  30. Christy McGill says:

    I love to save money!

  31. Manissa says:

    new to couponing

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