Rice Krispie Treat Ornaments

  • Author: Julie


8 Cups of Rice Krispies Treats Cereal
1/2 Cup of Butter
8 Cups of Marshmallows
Red & Green Food Coloring
Mini White Reeses Cups
4 oz. White Chocolate or Melting Chips


Using 2 separate bowls, in each bowl place 1/2 stick of butter (1/4 cup), 4 Cups of Marshmallows.
Melt on High for 1 minute in the microwave.
Stir well until smooth and creamy.
Add in Red or Green Food Coloring into separate bowls.
Mix well, then stir 4 cups of Rice Krispies in each bowl.
Form Balls out of the Rice Krispie Mixture and set aside.
In a small decorating bag place White Chocolate Melting Chips, Heat on high 30 seconds in the microwave, repeat until melted completely.
Place a small circle of melted chocolate on the top of each Rice Krispie Ball and attach a Mini Reese’s Cup.