Traditional Easter Dinner Ideas

On the hunt for those traditional Easter dinner ideas? If so, I have made a list of the top items you might want to add to your menu for this Easter. From the main dish to sides and more. You will have everything you need to make one incredible traditional Easter dinner!

Sometimes going back to tradition is a really good thing. I love the traditional main and sides that are served at Easter. It is warm, inviting and can remind you of your childhood. If you are wanting to find recipes to make for a traditional Easter meal, I have a nice list below.

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The Best Traditional Easter Dinner Ideas

1.) Easter Ham from My Kitchen Love

Ham is the traditional meat that is served in most homes around the globe. This ham is juicy, flavorful, and will be the perfect pairing to your Easter dinner.

2.) Honey Roasted Carrots from Dinner at The Zoo

Who can celebrate Easter without a serving of a honey roasted carrot? I mean bunnies eat carrots, so it makes total sense it is a classic side.

3.) Pea Salad from Bitz and Giggles

Peas are another one that you can serve cold or hot. Pea salad is a tasty cold salad that is traditional as well. Tender peas in a creamy sauce, with cheese, onions and more.

4.) Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes from I Heart Naptime

Oh, those cheesy and tender scalloped potatoes that make your heart pitter patter. This recipe is incredible and will make your whole home smell amazing as it bakes up.

5.) Deviled Eggs from Striped Spatula

Deviled eggs are something that always gets eaten first in our home. Creamy and tangy filling piled in an egg white, is just too hard to resist! They share how to make deviled eggs three different ways.

6.) Macaroni And Cheese from Eazy Peazy Mealz

Serve up a baked macaroni and cheese that is tender pasta, and a really cheesy and creamy sauce. Slice it up and serve next to your favorite sides and main.

7.) Oven Roasted Asparagus from I Heart Naptime

Asparagus is always a fresh and savory side that offers that rich green color to your table. It is also tasty when roasted in the oven. Give this oven roasted recipe a try.

8.)  Homemade Dinner Rolls from Ashlee Marie

These sweet rolls are the perfect way to slather up any leftover fixings on your plate. Light, fluffy, and sweet and downright tasty to the last crumbs.

9.) Roast Lamb Shoulder from Green Healthy Cooking

Sometimes people reach for lamb over ham, and here is an incredible recipe for lamb shoulder. She shares tips on how to get the perfect shoulder cooked to perfection.

10.) Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes from A Mindful Mom

Looking for that creamy, silky, flavorful mashed potato. This recipe right here is a great one to use. You use your slow cooker so it doesn’t use a burner on the stove.

11.) Hot Cross Buns from Christina’s Cucina

Hot cross buns are a traditional roll to serve. They offer that sweet factor paired with a golden brown tender roll. I can imagine how fantastic these rolls taste.

12.) Purple Cabbage Salad from Tasting Page

Here is a super simple salad to try for your Easter dinner. This purple cabbage salad is a breeze to make and is a really tasty side to serve up.

13.) Simnel Cake from Super Golden Baker

A Simnel cake is one of the most traditional desserts to make for your Easter feast. A tender and light cake with a glaze drizzled over the top. This is a stunning cake to serve up.

What is a Traditional Easter Dinner Dish you serve your Family?

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