Easy DIY Unicorn Valentines Day Box Idea for School Valentines Parties!

Easy Unicorn Valentines Box You can Make Yourself! This is the Perfect Girl Valentines Day Box Idea for school for your Unicorn Lover! This DIY Valentines box is so simple and will put a smile on your child’s face. 

Unicorn Valentines Box

Are you looking for adorable valentine boxes you can make with your kids? My Daughter is Obsessed with Unicorns so naturally, I decided that a Unicorn Valentines Box was a perfect idea this year, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Also, check out my conversation starter Valentines Game for the family. 

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Watch this video for complete instructions and to see the Valentine’s Unicorn Box come together!

How to Make Horn For Unicorn On Valentine’s Day Box

The biggest challenge was figuring out

  1. how to make the horn and
  2. how to attach the horn. I knew I needed something that would be steady and secure and so I headed to Hobby Lobby looking for something that could easily be glued to the top of a box.

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to find, but I was super excited when I found these cone-shaped Styrofoam Flower Bases, these were PERFECT for creating the Unicorn Horn so I grabbed some Gold Ribbon and straight pins, I just pinned the ribbon around the cone to create the top of the Unicorn Box!

Another item I wasn’t sure how to do is the Ears, I ended up finding some Glitter Foam that I loved and I drew out a pattern for the ears so that I could have those sitting behind the unicorn horn on top of the box.

Unicorn Valentines Day Box

My Favorite part of the Unicorn Box is the Unicorn Hair! These Pink, Purple and Teal Curling Ribbons are the PERFECT solution for the hair and it was so easy to make. I just cut different lengths of the curling ribbon and then tied them together before gluing them on the top of the Unicorn Box!

This is also a great place for your kids to help! I let my daughter work on cutting out the ribbon while I did the ears and the horn. She was also able to help assemble everything which is where the box really comes to life!

Once I had all the pieces of my Unicorn Valentines Day Box ready to go it was time to assemble everything together and to put the face in place. I just used a Black Paint Pen to draw on the face of the Unicorn Valentines Box and then I used some of my blush with a Cotton Ball to create the rosy cheeks.

I added some flowers to help cover all the Hot Glue at the base of the Unicorn Horn and holding all the ears and stuff together! This was the perfect finishing touch!

Here’s a quick video of how the Unicorn Valentines Day Box Came To life!

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If you want a box for at home or school this is the perfect one to try out. SO easy, colorful and a perfect unicorn craft that takes just a bit of time to make.