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Back to School Supplies Price List

Back to School Shopping

Make sure you print the Back to School Supplies Price List for 2015. This is my personal stock up list on most of the items you will need for Back to School. You can watch the Back to School Sales Page each week to find the lowest prices at each store and I always recommend shopping the loss leaders each week to build your School Supplies Stock Pile. By using that Method you should be able to meet or beat the stockpile price for each of these items!

School Supplies Price List

Remember, the Back to School Supplies Price List is an estimate, the prices in every region will vary a little but I always work hard to make sure I’m keeping you up to date on the best Back to School Deals nationwide so that you can grab the best deals in your area on the items you and your family need for Back to School this year!

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Back to School Stockpile Price List Go

You can download and Print the Back to School Supplies Price List if you want to keep this list with you. I also recommend making a list of the items your kids need this year so that you avoid the temptation to buy something just because it’s on sale, the best deals are when you can find items you need at a discount, so make sure you get your shopping list ready early and start shopping the Back to School Sales each week for the best deals.

Here’s how to use this list:

1. Take your Kids School Supply Lists for School and write down how many of each item you need on the shopping list

2. As you find a good deal on each item, write down how many you buy, due to limits in some stores you may need to make multiple purchases so it’s good to keep track of how many have already been purchased.

3. When you have everything you need check off each item off your list!

Click Here to download the list and get started!

School SuppliesQuantityStockpile Price
Crayons24 Count$0.25
Crayola Crayons24 Count$0.33 - $0.50
Crayola Crayons8 Count$0.97
Markers10 Count$0.50
Crayola Markers10 Count$0.97
Washable Markers8 Count$0.50
Crayola Washable Markers8 Count$1.50
No. 2 Yellow Pencils12 Count$0.30
Ticondergoga No. 2 Pencils12 Count$1.50
Mechanical Pencils5 Count$0.25
Colored Pencils12 Count$0.50
Colored Pencils24 Count$1.00
Crayola Colored Pencils12 Count$1.00
Crayola Colored Pencils24 Count$2.00
Watercolor Paints8 Colors$0.50
Crayola Watercolors8 Colors$1.50
Crayola Watercolors16 Colors$2.50
Ball Point Pens (Black, Blue, Red)10 CountFree - $0.50
Gel Pens (Black, Blue)2 Count$1.00
Highlighters5 Count$0.75
Sharpie Markers5 Count$1.00
Chalk12 Count$0.50
Dry Erase Expo Markers2 Count$1.00
Plastic School Box$0.50
Pencil Pouch with 3 Holes$0.01 - $0.25
Pink Pearl Erasers12 Count +$0.25
Pink Eraser Pencil Caps3 Count$0.50
School Glue4 oz.$0.25
Elmers School Glue4 oz.$0.50
Glue SticksSmall$0.15
Elmers Glue SticksSmall$0.25
Blunt End Scissors3"$0.50
Fiskars Blunt End Scissors3"$1.00
Sharp Pointed Scissors5"$1.50
Plastic Ruler12"$0.25
Scotch Tape1 Roll$0.50
Mini Stapler$1.00
Hole Punch$0.50
3 Hole Punch for Binder$0.50
Pocket Folders2 Pocket$0.10
Plastic Pocket Folders70 Page$0.25
Designer Folders$1-$2
Single Subject Notebook$0.10
Composition Notebooks$0.25
Wide Rule Notebook Paper$0.75
College Rule Notebook Paper$0.75
Graph Notebook Paper$1.50
Construction Paper$2
Binder (regular)1"$1.00
Binder (Poly)1"$1.00
Clearview Binder1"$2.00
Zippered Binder$7-$10
Tab Dividers5 - 8 Tabs$0.50
Pencil SharpenerManual$0.25
Post It Notes1 Pad$0.50
Sticky Notes (No Brand)1 Pad$0.25
Index Cards100 Count$0.30-$0.50
Addition Flashcards$1-$2
Subtraction Flashcards$1-$2
Multiplication Flashcards$1-$2
Division Flashcards$1-$2
Flash Drive8GB$5.00
Graphing Calculator$85.00
Combination Lock$3-$5
Dry Erase Board8.5"x11"$3.00
Basic Backpacks$2.99+
Name Brand Backpacks30-50% off Retail
Clorox Wipes or Lysol Wipes$1.50
Hand Sanitizer$1.00
Facial Tissues$0.50
Baby Wipes$1.00
Paper Towels$0.50
Copy Paper$0.01 W/Rebate
Plastic Storage Bags20 Quart$1.00
Plastic Storage Bags12 Gallon$1.00
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