Whether you are looking for an outstanding main dish to serve up your family, or the perfect dessert, you will find it here at Passion 4 Savings!


Food is something we all need to survive, so why not learn and have fun creating new meals to serve up your family.

Dinner Ideas

One area I struggle with is making the same meals over and over again. But, my goal is to create new items on our meal plan that will keep us excited about dinner time.

It also saves us from eating out, if we are looking forward to a good meal at home. Here are a handful of my favorite recipes for you to try out.

This is a great place to come when you are looking for something to make for a special event or get-together with your friends and family!

Need Low Carb Recipes, No Problem!

If you are throwing a Holiday Party or Birthday Party we also have great Theme Recipes for you!

Meal Planning

Maybe you are successful when you meal plan. If that is you, you will find I share a lot of ways to learn how to meal plan, shopping lists and more.

I share all my secrets of how I simplified meal planning so prepping and making food for my family wasn’t a chore. I actually look forward to it.

You can also learn how to meal prep 36 freezer meals to stock your freezer for nights you and your family.

Cooking for Beginners

If you are new to cooking you might be wondering is it hard to cook? Can you do it? The answer is yes. You will find tons of recipes here that will share exactly what you need to do to get started.

Whether you are a fan of the Instant Pot, or slow cooker, or the classic stove and oven methods.

Here are the Easy Dinner Recipes, and Easy Dessert Recipes we love!