extreme couponing

Extreme Couponing

You don’t have to save 100% on your grocery purchases and get hundreds of dollars of groceries free to do some extreme couponing. Saving up to 50-70% off your purchase is amazing and considered extreme couponing in my book!

My goal is to save a minimum of 50% when I shop each week. If I save more, that’s great, and I’m happy even if I save less. Any savings is great in my book. And, you can use the planning process you see other couponers using to do your own version of extreme couponing, no matter your budget or the amount of time you have. Use the ad previews for the stores where you shop and check out all the grocery coupons that are available to match up your deals and get ready to hit the store. I spend a few hours a week on my list, and I’m always happy with what I get!

Extreme Couponing: