The Best Walmart Back to School Deals 2023! Deals Starting at Just 25¢

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  1. Katie Westphal says:

    I don’t see any of these sales on the website. I live 200 miles away from the closest Walmart which happens to be in a covid19 hotspot. I wish these were available on-line.

  2. Just a heads up…my walmart had the expo 4 pack bonus with 2 additional markers. This was much cheaper per marker than the bigger sets of expos!!! They also had 3 sets of colors with these smaller packs.

  3. Sheem says:

    Washable caryons are 3.97 after i clicked the link

  4. wendy says:

    How many weeks are these sales for? I usually donate all supplies, but trying to not go overboard from the beginning! is it about 5 weeks of sales or more? I can put a weekly budget then~

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      They’ll probably go right up to school starting so it could be up to 7 weeks

  5. --- says:

    Where are the $0.10 notebooks, $0.15 notebook paper, and $0.10 folders from years past? I am ready for the serious savings during the back-to-school rush to really kick in! ;)

    1. Allaceson says:

      At OfficeMax!!

  6. Just wondering how I can be sure that my Walmart will honor these prices? I can’t find them in an ad.

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