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  1. Lorena says:

    Hello, I live in Wisconsin and in my area there are no stores that do double coupons :( . Would learning how to do extreme couponing help me? I am married with 7 kids and a sahm so I am looking to help reduce some of what we pay with prices only rising.

  2. Hillary Radebe says:

    I would like to know more about couponing, I’m in South Africa. I haven’t seen this here in SA. How can I start it? Lot of people can benefit from it in SA. There are lot of people who some times sleep without food. With couponing this can help lot of families.

    I like to watch couponing on TLC.

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      Hi Hillary, I recommend starting by watching my Extreme Couponing Video Classes to get you the information to get going! Here are the first videos for beginners, then once you watch these click “Next Entries” and keep going! If you have any questions, I am here to help!


  3. SavvTheWannabeCouponer says:

    Hey! I watched all your videos, and took notes on them, but then my power went out and I lost all my notes! I want to re-watch them, but I cant find them on your site. What can I do? Where do I go??? HELP!

  4. Veronica Calvert says:

    i am very interested in learning how to become an extreme coupon lady. My family is very broke and anything will help

  5. Alesha walser says:

    I’m so happy to learn how to be couponing.I love watching extreme couponing on TLC and need to learn quickly that way I’ll when I move to Florida next year on my own I’ll be okay with working on a budget.

    1. vanessa says:

      I am an avid coupon person in Fl. and girl lemme tell you…it is tough…a lot of places here do not do double coupons. Lucky that Target will let you use a manufacturer’s and a store coup on the same product. But unless you have stores nearby that allow double coupon days…it is tough to be an extreme couponer

  6. Jennifer MacFarland says:

    I’m a working mom of 3 and my husband works 40+ hours a week also. I have watched extreme couponing shows and read a ton online and still cannot wrap my head around ‘the how’, so I’m VERY interested in the online classes to finally save some more money as my children grow older and eat more!

  7. Ms. Hush says:

    Hi my name is Cynthia Hush, I am interested in savings. I reside in low-income housing and my interest is to learn couponing to save money for many families including mine, we are living in difficult times and the food pantries are low on food, but, if we can help our self to learn couponing and to save money it would be a true learning experience and a blessed savings to many poor families to learn couponing. If you could just show us how, we can save money by teaching us couponing you have made a powerful impact on our lives, then we can save to improve other areas of living.

  8. aryan says:

    Good set of videos to get started with coupons .. filtering and categorization is important to get the right coupons

  9. stacey wilson says:

    I was wondering if I could use 2 manufacture coupons on products if they state– Buy 2 candy bars and get $1 off soda. Could I use this coupon along with a coupon that is for— 50c off 2 candy bars???? I’m thinking the first coupon would be for the soda and the 2nd coupon would be for the candy! Are there any stores that allow this?? thanks, Stacey

  10. Norma says:

    I am from Alabama, and I looking for ways to maxmize my couponing. I see people spending a couple of dollars on a hundred dollars worth of products and I want to have an experience like those.

  11. Ebay Coupons says:

    Hi Am From India. Well Am Interested In Attending The Online Classes Of Extreme Couponing .AT what Time The online Classes Will Be Conducted .

  12. THOMASINA says:

    I love the show extreme couponing. I live in Syracuse NY and am looking for someone to teach me how to become a extreme cuponer.Im on disability and need to streatch my dollar as far as possible.Any help would be greatly accepted.

  13. margaret says:

    I would love to hook up with someone in hawaii for any help couponing. I just started and am fascinated by the prospect of saving whether it be a little or a lot. If anyone lives in hawaii and can email me that would be awesome.

  14. Abby says:

    I recently lost my job and would like to continue to stay home with my two children (2yr and 3mo), but I have to be able to come up with ways to help supplement my husbands income. I have tried couponing and it doesnt seem to work for me. I am from ohio and if any one has any suggestions or is close by that would like to help please let me know. Thanks

    1. Julie says:

      Hi Abby,
      I happened upon this site to look for some coupons for some specific items and got sidetracked along the way. I too have tried my hand at couponing and have been successful at times but more-so not as successful as I like. I am constantly trying to find ways to cut back and save money. I am a stay at home mom as well, and something that has worked for me to help supplement our income and still allow me to stay at home with our children is a direct sales business. I want to be mindful of this website and not promote myself or my business here because it is not my place to do so, however I will leave my email address for you if you would like to learn about a way that may help you bring in some extra money for your family as you are in this transition, I would be more than happy to share my story with you and more about my business that has truly blessed our family. I am a no pressure kind of person and would be more than happy to share information with you in hopes that it may bless your family. Please email me if you’d like. [email protected]

  15. marta says:

    I’m from south texas and we do not get half the coupons others get, especially the good ones – like the glucerna and loreile coupons. Do you know of any sites that offer sites like this for the stores in our areas. I also notice that more than half of the sales you post are not available in our area.

    1. lucy says:

      I live in sugarland, and find those coupons all the time. You can e-mail me your address, and i would gladly mail them to you. (I have no use for those,) and if you’d like anyothers , let me know and i can give them to you instead of throwing them away

  16. Diane says:

    I live in Indiana. I only have Walmart, Mainstreet Market, Havest Market. They don’t double ortriple coupons. Mainstreet did but no one knew it unless you went in that day. How do you find out when they are going to do it? How can I save more. I am single mother with 2 daughters in college I am trying to make it and I have been laid off for 4 years.

    1. desiree smith says:


      1. Olga says:

        Hello Desirree Smith where can I find information on your extreme couponing seminar on January 14th at the Hemet Library please let me know thank you

    2. Ara says:

      Hi Diane,
      I live in Indianapolis and krogers, marsh and meijer are the only ones that double coupons, but only two like coupons per transaction. Also, walmart is the only retailer that will actually give you cash back if the value of your coupon exceeds the cost of the item. just as an fyi

      take care,
      Ara :)

      1. Niki Nowell says:

        Kroger’s official corporate policy is 5 like items (like upc) per transaction, per day. Example: If you have 10 jello coupons you can use them all if you buy 5 chocolate and 5 vanilla because the UPC’s are different. I just emailed them 2 weeks ago about this and that’s what corporate told me. I hope this helps you get even better deals. :)

        1. Frugal Nana says:

          I live in GA and the Kroger here, changed their policy. For Example: Sale items, first 4 on the sale and then anymore regular price, unless it is the 10 for $10 special. They will double the $.50 and under, their registers to it automatically. They used to have no limit, until a man chose to start buying 100 items at a time of the toothpaste that may had been under $.97 and with a $.50 or $1.00 would make out like a bandit. Suspected he was selling them at the Flea Market and later claimed he was sending to the men overseas. The Publix here will double coupons and there is an Ingles too that will. The Walmart here does not, but now they are matching like items if you have the advertisement, or tell them. Generally they don’t give a hard time. The Bogo/ buy one get one free, they will sell each item at the price of half. The double coupon deals are everyday. We also have senior discount days, 5% off, Wensday, the last day of the sales. Sorry I went on and on. Just there are so many in this area, the Coupon Mom is in this county. The couponers are extreme and very competitive here. That is why they chose to limit sale items. This makes no sense, when they know to order more of the sale items. The claim is that is what the warehouse will only send them. Best wishes,

  17. Cheryl says:

    hello, I live in Arkansas , and we never get good coupon deals around here and was wondering if anoyone knows more about the couponing here ?? my husband is wanting me to start a stockpile so we will have it ,if something ever comes up with like loosing jobs or sickness , things of that sort… can someone help me ?

    1. Marsha says:

      I live in Arkansas also! I stack with Target a lot, I’ve gotten a ton of free things from them. Also remember to look on the clearance aile at walmart, target and kmart. I just got Panteen shampoo for .25 a bottle (the big ones) because I found them on clearance at walmart.

      1. Kay says:

        I live in arkansas too and love to stack coupons at target, walgreens, but krogers has been advertising some great deals and with coupons makes them even better. Kroger has a ton of closeouts going on and I just got 3 jugs of purex with zout for .59 the 33 load bottle.

      2. lucy says:

        dont forget to download and print the target coupons. You can use your target coupon and a manufacture coupon so you can save twice as much

  18. teresa says:

    I live in Fl and they have no stores that double. I usually change the zip code on the coupon page and I seem to get more variety of coupons.

  19. Judy says:

    Was just wondering about expired coupons. Can you use them up until midnight on the day they expire, or do you have until the day before to use them?

    1. kaylah says:

      As long as it’s still the date on it, you can use it.. Even if it’s like 1 minute before they expire!

      1. Carolyn says:

        any expired coupons can be mailed to soilders they can use then up to 6 months after they expire.
        You can get the address to mail them to anyof the coupon blog sites

        1. MaryLena Anderegg says:

          [email protected] is where I got my address for sending expired coupons. I’m really enjoying the interaction with my “coupon” family and they are getting into the swing of saving with coupons. They pass on to others the ones they don’t use. They cannot use store coupons but all others are useable if the product is carried there.

    2. tostarz says:

      It should be up to midnight

  20. andrea says:

    I live in South Carolina and I was wondering if anyone is able to show me how to coupon to get the most savings. We don’t get as many good coupons as everyone else that I am seeing. Any sugg?

    1. MaryLena Anderegg says:

      Go to Catalina, SmartSource and Red Plum websites and print off their coupons. Also, subscribing with your favorite brand names’ websites will access some others. Get family or friends in other states to send you mfg coupons they get.

  21. Laurie C says:

    I just moved back to Houston and sadly Kroger no longer doubles or triples. We have HEB, Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens and CVS –
    Any ideas?

    1. Aidee says:

      I live in Houston too; target could be an option. They take double coupons.

      1. lucy says:

        can you explain the double coupons at target? do you mean they double coupon ? if so, up to how much?

  22. denise says:

    I am looking to network with a couponer in miami. I just moved here in July. Mary J or Marci, are you still in town?

  23. maryj says:

    I am so disappointed!I was so hyped up to start saving and there is NO way in FL you can pull this extreme couponing off..They looked at me like “Yeah sure”.lol..I have a family of six and live in Miami.I guess this is only for those who live in the mid-west.

    1. Marci says:

      I feel the same way… I’m in Tampa and I have done hours of research and I still can not figure out a way to save like people who can double…I am a full time student married with and 18 month old sowe depend on my hubby. I’m trying my hardest to help out but it seems impossible in Florida. :(

      Let me know if you find anything out!!

      1. couponmama says:

        WALMART is the answer :) Overage items and Marci, wiht you being in Tampa you get some of the best coupons in the US!

    2. MaryLena Anderegg says:

      I live just a few hours drive from you and, while I can’t do the extreme couponing you see on tv even if I wanted to, I have cut my household expenses by one-third in just six months of couponing. The key is not doubling or tripling coupons. The key is getting on your store’s sales schedule and combining those with coupons. Then, buy for five weeks’ needs. I deal mostly with Winn Dixie (I learned to love their meats when I lived in GA) and Publix though I do watch CVS and Walgreen’s as well.
      In the six months I’ve been doing it, I’ve had two “financial fasts” (weeks where I spent $.00) and two “financial diets” (weeks where I spent under $10). To start off 2012, we’ve challenged ourselves to a one week fast followed by two weeks’ diet. Wish me luck!! Last week, in preparation, we bought $88 worth of household goods (food, grooming, dietary supplements, cleaning, and paper goods) and paid only $55.

  24. connie says:

    I live in south carolina and it is so hard here to get the coupons.the stores would rather throw the paper in the trash.where can you find coupons like the ones that i see on tv.am rasin to granddaugthers on a fixed imcome.I NEED HELP.

    1. lucy says:

      You need to get friendly with some of those managers and or cashiers. Ask them to hold the papers for you or offer to buy them for a fraction of the cost. Also check out those free papers you see when you walk out the grocery store. There are also paper stands at different bus routes that are free, but may or may not be in english. But just because they are in another language(spanish) they still work the same. Here in houston, you have to literally be one of the first ones getting to the bus stop newspaper holders or the person who beats you to the stand doesnt have consideration for the other folks that coupon and take the entire amount.

  25. Althea says:

    My name is Althea and I live in Tampa Florida since the stores here does’t do double coupon what would be a good way to save money when using my coupons? I am planing on doing my biggest grocery shopping please someone give me some good advice.

    1. I live in SW Florida so I have the same issue with no double coupons. There are still plenty of ways to save! I get the best deals at Pubix because my store accepts Target and SaveALot coupons. This means I can stack, use 1 manufacturer coupon & 1 store coupon and get great deals. The key is to plan your menu based on what is on sale. And then stack deals. Passionforsavings.com keeps us up to date on manyof the deals. So make sure you are following her and check the sign outside your local Publix. It will say what competitor coupons they accept. If they take Target you are in luck. Go to target.com and print coupons. Good luck!

  26. Lori says:

    I live in an area in MI that does not have any stores that double coupons. I went shopping at the local grocery store last weekend and ended up saving 169.90 on my grocery bill. My plan is I wait for the 10 for 10 sales and I stock pile then. Each item is a $1 and then I use the electronic Mperks/or Meijer mealbox coupon and if I find a manufacture coupon that I can use on top of that. For example, last week Meijer’s had 10/10 and get the 11th item free. I spent 3 hours planning and loading my mperks and looking at meijer mealbox and then went to mojosavings.com to look for more mfg coupons. I saved 56% on my grocery bill and stocked up so that I do not have to do major grocery shopping until the next 10/10 sale hits. I found that the binder system did not work for me. I use a different method that works well.

    1. Althea says:

      If you have a Winn Dixi grocery store they always have the 10/10 sale that is were I shop and get my big savings.

      1. MaryLena Anderegg says:

        WD will also accept coupons for 10/10s and BOGOs.

  27. Tami says:

    I am struggling to find more than one store that doubles in my area, and that seems to be where the money making is. The only store I have is Kroger and Aldis seems to be cheaper most of the time. When you have very little money and some coupons are only good for two weeks I think it is really hard to really save. I will keep going and try to figure this all out :)

  28. Annette says:

    Many many years ago when my children were little I did extreme couponing. Back then everyone did double coupons. I actually made money with coupons and rebates. I put the money I saved into a fund that paid for Christmas and birthdays 100%. Didn’t have internet then so it was a lot more work. I am trying to get back into extreme couponing but am finding it very difficult. Though I do save some money not like I want to. I think a person has to have to money to get started and I don’t.

    1. You don’t need money to get started Annette. Just ask your friends to save coupons for you. When you have a little cash you can even buy coupons from a coupon clipping service on ebay.com. I pay $2 for 20 coupons that might save me $60 or more. If you did this before, it is even easier now with printable coupons.

    2. antoinette says:

      i fel the same way i cant get the coupons i want on line rag for all makes me crazy

  29. Melissa says:

    I also live in Oregon and the store Alertsons has some double coupons you can use to double up to a 1.00 but only 3 of them. You have to buy the newspaper. i buy several and have to do alot t of transactions to get a great dea. So it does take time.

  30. Squish says:

    I shop at Cub Foods, although they won’t double coupons, they will accept expired coupons but for only up to 3 MONTHS. So, if I have a coupon, it expired Aug. 8, I have until Nov. 8 to use the coupon. That helps a little. I have no stores that will double coupons like you see on t.v. I live on the boarder of WI and MN. I have Walgreen’s here, thank goodness, because I end up saving the most there. Of course, Walgreen’s itself won’t feed my family. Yesterday, I saved about 60% on my receipt. It’s not Extreme and there was no food. I was able to stock up on toilet paper ( 3 mo.), shampoo (for about 8 mo.s), and dish soap(2 mo’.s) and probably could have gotten more but with being on a budget, I couldn’t. I have a family of 8 and can only work part-time because I’m undergoing chemo. Anyhow, with what I saved on the those items, I won’t need to buy those items for a while and it saved me $45.00. It’s a start. It may never be extreme but I’m saving a lot more than I previously did with coupons . Thank goodness for sites like this. There is a few.

  31. brenda says:


  32. Gloria says:

    We have Jewel Foods and Ultra Foods. They do not double coupons nor accept expired coupons. How can I organized and get coupons. I am a single mother and laid off and trying to stock pile non perishables like toilet paper and detergents. How can I do that? Thanks for your time.

  33. Margie says:

    I am disabled and I live on a fixed income I have been trying to do the extrem couponing but I don’t think I am doing it right ,
    I’ve been printing out all these coupons but I don’t really save anything ??

  34. Jessica says:

    Love the videos!

  35. Debra says:

    Do you know if stores will take No Expiration date coupons that do not have a bar code on them to scan?

    1. mgan says:

      As far as I know Walgreens will not accept expired coupons.

      1. Debra says:

        per Megan above……Not ” Expired” coupons…but coupons that have no expiration date. They also do not have a bar code to scan. The checker would have to put in the coupon price manually

        1. Amber Steinhour says:

          I know here in Jacksonville, florida. Winn-dixie will also take expired coupons. I have only tried it through the self check out lane where you scan your own. I am not sure through a regular lane.

  36. Couponaddct says:

    Do you keep an archive of video’s? I missed the shop Walgreen’s for $5.00. I was in a Fry’s frenzy and I work full time. I purchased $1750 worth of groceries for $172.30 over 2 shops! Now the competitor coupons are basically over, I am heading back to my Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS shops as well :)

    1. tjava says:

      I really am missing something here, I think what you did was amazing!! But i have doing this for 6months now, watched videos, tv shows, read the blogs, and i have never come close to that kind of savings…. any suggestions? I live in oregon and the price matches are not all the same. (frustrating when i get to the store) not anyone’s fualt, by the way. Just wish i could have that much success too. Good for you for figuring it out.

      1. enl says:

        I live in WA and I do not save as much as most people do with this. I think in the North West the coupon policies are more strict. Most stores do not double coupons (which is where most extreme couponers save SO MUCH!) and its a bummer because it can get discouraging. I have found that the best results for me come from Rite Aid’s “Up Rewards” program and from walgreens program as well. It is tough to save 85-95% so I just focus on saving more than 50% and as I get more and more into it the savings are more and more. Just focus on the 50% and as you start getting the hang of it, the savings will come.

  37. tonya says:

    i moved back home to money issues and i am trying to learn how to get my money under control for when i move back out on my own.

    1. MaryLena Anderegg says:

      Learning to do strategic couponing is a great start. Google “getting started” + couponing. Read the couponing blogs. Create your own plan. I started by making a list of the items which comprised the majority of my household expenses and focused on couponing those first. THen, we had a stewardship class at church which included how to begin couponing strategically (not the hoarding stuff you sometimes see on tv). Now, we’re savings a little over a third of our total household expenses but are working toward 40% as our goal (we’ve only been doing it six months).

  38. megan says:

    im 11 weeks pregnant and wanna be a stay at home mommy just trying to learn how to do some savings and this seems easy and fun!!!

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