I love everything pumpkin-themed and pumpkin spice flavored, so Halloween recipes are some of my favorites!

If you love spooky and not-so-spooky foods and fun, you’ll want to make sure you check out our Easy Halloween Recipes & Crafts for Kids!

Halloween Recipes

Cupcakes are one of my favorite desserts, and we have some super fun and cute ones for you to try including Halloween Cupcakes, Monster Brownie Pizza, Ghost Cupcakes and Spiderweb Cupcakes.

From main dishes to desserts and all things in between. Halloween doesn’t have to be spooky. You can find fun ways to make it a kid-friendly holiday for your little ones.

Want the best candy corn recipes

Halloween Crafts

In addition, we have some fun craft ideas like a fun Halloween Wreath for your door, easy Halloween crafts for your home and more, and Halloween games to play for kids.

If you want some ideas for carving your pumpkin, we have some DIY Jack-o-Lantern Tips as well!

Why Do We Trick Or Treat

You will find that trick or treating has been around forever. It was a tradition that started all the way back in the Middle-Ages.

Children and even sometimes adults would get dressed up and go door to door and get money, or even food in exchange for the child singing a song or a prayer.

Over the years it has transitioned to handing out candy and small trinkets, but it can still be a lot of fun for little kids.

Looking for More Halloween Ideas

Interested In More Holiday Themed Ideas

Also, here are all of our Thanksgiving Recipes & Crafts for more fun fall ideas. And, be sure to check out all of our Holiday Recipes and Crafts for more fun ideas for the holidays!

I share tons of holiday-themed crafts, recipes, and even ways to save money. Plus you will find ways to save money every day on items you buy, and the list goes on.

This site is meant to help simplify your life in all areas, and I hope you stay awhile and check out all I have to offer.

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