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Chips Ahoy & Oreo CouponsGo

There are Chips Ahoy & Oreo Coupons that will get you a SUPER Hot deal this Sunday at Rite Aid on both! They will have the cookies for 2 for $5 and when you spend $10, you will get $3 +Up Reward!

You can print out $1 off Chips Ahoy Coupons and Oreo Coupons and you will get 4 bags of cookies for only $0.75! Time to Stock Up!

Make sure you print out the Chips Ahoy & Oreo Coupons now so you don’t miss the deal if they are gone by this Sunday 5/12 when the deal starts!

For more Rite Aid freebies, coupons, and more, check out our Rite Aid Store Page!

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