Sliced Apple

I know many people would love to be able to send a sliced apple in their children’s school lunch, but because they will turn brown in a couple hours, most of us don’t do it. ¬†Here is a way to slice an apple and keep it together in a way that will slow down the browning process to allow your child to eat it at lunch.

Sliced Apple

What you need:

— Clean Apple

— Apple Corer/Slicer

— Rubber Band

Sliced Apple

What to do:

— Use a apple corer/slicer to core/slice up the apple.

— Keep all the slices (and core) together and secure with a rubber band.

Sliced Apple

Keeping it together with the rubber band will slow the oxidation process which causes an apple to turn brown.

I know that this will be a hit with my kids as they love apples and it is such a great item to send in their lunch.  Very filling and very good for them.  You can also send a little cup of dip.  Kids LOVE to dip food.  Here is a recipe for an easy Apple Dip you can make at home with cream cheese and brown sugar.

This is also a great idea for picnics, road trips, or just about anytime you need to pack food. ¬†I know you can buy those little bags of apple slices at the store, but I don’t like spending the extra money. ¬†This will work just as well for just the cost of an apple.

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