I’ve been mentioning Swagbucks in conjunction with earning Amazon.com Gift Cards for a while now. Last year I started using Swagbucks in February and by Christmas I was able to purchase several gifts for my family members. It was a nice relief to our budget to have a little “Extra” around the holidays.

Today I wanted to share with you 5 ways you can earn Amazon.com Gift Cards in addition to Swagbucks. My hope is that if you start early enough you really can earn enough to buy a few gifts by the time Christmas arrives. I’ve mentioned most of these before, so this is just a quick run-down of the sites that offer Amazon Gift Cards as a Reward. Just $5 in Amazon.com Gift Cards from each site would be $25 by Christmas time.

My Points – You can read email, take surveys, complete online offers or even spin to win on My Points. 3,850 points = a $25 Amazon.com Gift Card, which is just 770 points for a $5 gift card!

Lightspeed Panel– My first and one of my favorite sites, a typical lightspeed survey is around a 150 point value and I get 3-4 offers a week. It only takes 550 Lightspeed points to earn a $5 Amazon.com Gift Card.

Daily Survey Panel – This site sends Daily Surveys (hint the name :) ) and surveys can range anywhere from 50 points to 300 points. This is however one of those sites where I often don’t qualify for the surveys so I highly recommend taking the screening questions to get more focused survey invitations. Also, I tend to opt toward the higher point value surveys because they are more worth the time. 1000 points = a $5 Amazon.com Gift Card

Opinion Outpost – This is a great option for earning Amazon money because once you reach the $5 minimum you don’t have to redeem in $5 increments. 10 points = $1 and if you have 130 points you can redeem for $13! Plus, most surveys are worth 10-20 points so it doesn’t take long to earn a $5 Amazon.com Gift Card

My Survey – Another great site for earning Amazon.com Gift Cards. However, these are typically smaller 5-10 point surveys until you get into a product trial or something of that nature. 1100 points = a $10 Gift Card, so only 550 points to earn $5!