How to Read Target Clearance Tags
I posted this morning about all the Awesome Clearance Deals going on at Target this week! I’ve also got the Target Clearance Schedule for Markdowns posted where you can print it out and keep up with all the best sales.

target clearance tags

In the Target Clearance Schedule I mention that typically prices go from 15% off to 30% off, then 50% off and finally 70% off.

The question remains How do you know when the best time to purchase an item is?

There is one tip that I haven’t mentioned in a while that I thought I would share again today. Target uses the Final Number System to determine if an item is at it’s lowest price.

If your Target Clearance Tag Price ends in an 8 the item will be marked down at the next markdown cycle.

If your Target Clearance Tag ends in a 4 the item is at it’s lowest price.

So if you find an item marked to 50% and the price ends in a 4 then you don’t need to worry about it going lower, that’s the lowest price the item will be. If you find the item marked with a price ending in an 8 there is a chance the item will be marked even lower!

Now, keep in mind that just because an item might be marked down lower doesn’t mean it will still be available by the next markdown cycle, items often sell quickly at my store once they hit 50%.


One more thing to keep in mind is that the number in the top right is the Current % markdown, so if that number says 50 the item is currently 50% off, if the number in the top right says 30 the item is marked 30% off. This is helpful when there aren’t any signs near the item.

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