Air Hogs Fly Crane

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This is a great price on the Air Hogs Fly Crane! This is the Air Hogs Fly Crane Fire Department Crane and it is priced down to only $18.86 right now and you normally find it around $40 so this is a savings of 53%! These are very popular this year so check this out and order it while the price is so good!

Here is a Product Description:

No object is out of reach when you pilot the Fly Crane. Using Steady Fly Technologyâ„¢ the Air Hogs Fly Crane lets you pick up, transport, and drop off objects with the utmost stability. With the push of a button you can drop and retract your grapple hook to automatically haul cargo. Use your looped baskets to transport crucial supplies to places only the Fly Crane can reach. When you need something moved look to the sky for the Air Hogs Fly Crane.

Pricing subject to Change at any time. Please make sure you check the current price on before purchasing.

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