Aldi’s has some great Deals on Produce this week, and I noticed something the last few weeks, It’s Berry Season! Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and More!

All of these items are on sale for great prices making them perfect for stocking up. Remember now is a great time of the year to buy extra Fruit and Freeze it for the Winter Months, but I happen to love Fresh Fruit so I’ve got a trick to share with you to make your Fresh Berries last even longer!

All you need is White Vinegar and Water and a Large Bowl.

Combine 4 Cups Water with 1/2 Cup Vinegar in a Bowl

Place Berries in the Vinegar/Water Mixture to kill the bacteria on the Berries and then remove and lay on a towel to dry. This helps the berries last so much longer! My kids go through a container of Strawberries a day sometimes so I will often buy 4-5 containers and this helps those last few containers last and look fresh even after several days!

Tip: As long as you let the Berries Dry Completely you won’t taste the Vinegar, this evaporates into the air and there is no flavor left behind.

Do you have any Favorite Household Tips & Tricks? I would love to share them!