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Saving Money will change your life! Learn how to save money on groceries by using coupons, find tips for how to save money, and recipes for feeding your family on a budget.

It doesn’t matter if you are saving money on toothpaste or designer jeans. It is possible to live on budget and have great quality items and feed your family quality meals for less. These tips and tricks are designed to teach you about saving money, give you great Do It Yourself Ideas, Recipe Ideas for feeding your family on a budget and more.

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How to Coupon

Are you ready to learn how to coupon? If you are new to the world of saving money with coupons this is a basic guide to get you started quickly.

I would love for you to watch my Extreme Couponing Classes to learn more, or check out the Facts and Question Page for more details.

Step 1: Learn to Follow Sales Cycles


Use Items You Have + Buy What Is On Sale

The first step to saving money is to only buy items that are on sale. Most people shop based on what they need, not what is on sale and end up spending more than necessary. Building your shopping list and Menu Plan around sale items is the first step to saving money.


Each week your local stores run specials on seasonal and loss leader items; these are items that are sold at their lowest prices. In addition to the loss leaders you can typically expect most items to go on sale around every 8-12 weeks so when you find an item on sale you will want to buy enough to get you through to the next sale on that item.


Knowing what is on sale can be as easy as looking through the Passion for Savings printable shopping lists and store deals pages, browsing through the local flyers that come in your newspaper, or viewing the ad online. Each week we provide you a list of the top items on sale at 45 stores nationwide, you will also find special deals highlighted on the pages for each store.  Be sure to check the full list of Grocery Stores to find a store near you.

Printable Shopping List

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Step 2: Add On Coupons

Sales + Coupons = Low Prices

Once you find an item on sale the next step is to add on any or coupons available for the item. You can search the coupon database for specific coupons, but is also a great idea to start collecting coupons on a weekly basis so you are ready when you find a great sale price.

There are several great resources for coupons but 2 of my favorite sources for coupons are the local Sunday Newspaper and Printable Coupons found online. I typically recommend that you purchase 1 copy of the Sunday Newspaper for each member of your family, so if you have 4 Family Members try to get 4 copies of the coupon inserts. You do not have to purchase each one of these inserts, start by asking friends and family members who don’t use their coupons if they can save the inserts for you each week.

Printable Coupons are often higher in value than Newspaper Coupons but the best coupons come and go quickly. Check back daily to see the newest printable coupons available and print the coupons you think you will use quickly because the best coupons don’t last long.

Here are Three of My favorite places to Print Coupons Online:
Coupon Network


Combining Sale Prices and Coupons is one of the best ways to buy an item at the cheapest price available. I have a complete stockpiling price sheet available for you to download; this should help you get an idea of what to pay for each item. Remember these prices are my local prices; you may need to adjust them based on your region and stores.


Stockpile Price List

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Step 3: Prepare your Shopping List


Use Online Resources

Passion For Savings provides weekly Grocery Store Deals for stores all over the nation. These lists contain the items on sale and any available coupons for those items. By combining sale prices and coupons you will be saving the maximum amount on each item.

Learning how to decode insert coupons is one of the tricky parts of using online matchups. I’ve got a great post on decoding insert coupons or you can check out the Coupon Lingo Cheat Sheet to help you understand some of the abbreviations in the coupon world.

Coupon Lingo Sheet View More Information

Shop with a List

Creating a Menu Plan and Shopping list each week is one of the best ways to save money on groceries. It’s important to use items you already have on hand first, and then add in any items that are on sale and that you have coupons for. Try to build your menu each week around these items to keep your out of pocket expense as low as possible.

Remember, the goal is to buy enough of an item you need when it goes on sale so you don’t have to pay full price on those weeks in between the sales.

Menu Plan Work Sheet View More Information

Step 4: Use Rewards & Loyalty Programs



Drugstores like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens are great places to purchase Health and Beauty Items as well as Over the Counter medications, Diapers and on occasion beverages and snacks. Typically the shelf price of an item at the drugstores is much higher than a discount retailer, but these stores offer great rewards and loyalty programs that allow you to get items for free or even better than free when you learn how to utilize them correctly!


Grocery stores also offer Loyalty Cards and special promotions called Catalina Coupons or “Your Bucks”; these are coupons you receive for purchasing specific items that are valid on your next shopping trip and when stacked with coupons and sales you can often get incredibly low prices on items you need.


Stores like Target, Best Buy, Walmart and Toys R Us often offer Gift Cards for making specific purchases. These gift cards are valid only at the store where the item was purchased and typically these can provide great savings when combined with coupons and sale prices.

Sales + Coupons + Rewards


Here are a few more posts and videos you will want to check out as you get started on the journey of saving money!

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