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Saving Money

Saving Money will change your life! Learn how to save money on groceries by using coupons, find tips for how to save money, and recipes for feeding your family on a budget.

It doesn’t matter if you are saving money on toothpaste or designer jeans. It is possible to live on budget and have great quality items and feed your family quality meals for less. These tips and tricks are designed to teach you about saving money, give you great Do It Yourself Ideas, Recipe Ideas for feeding your family on a budget and more.

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Money Saving Tips & Classes

Extreme Couponing Classes are designed to teach you the basics of using coupons and saving money at Grocery Stores, Retailers, Drug Stores and While Shopping Online!

These online video tutorials on saving money and using coupons are available FREE to all Passion For Savings Readers. Make sure you sign up to receive Daily Email Updates to get the best online and in store deals sent straight to your email inbox each afternoon.

  1. How to Understand Coupons Start Lesson
  2. Where to Find Coupons Start Lesson
  3. How to Organize Coupons Start Lesson
  4. Coupon Terms & Abbreviations Start Lesson
  5. Couponing Strategies Start Lesson
  6. How to Make a Meal Plan Start Lesson
  7. Understanding Coupon Matchups Start Lesson
  8. How to Build A Stockpile Start Lesson
  9. How to Shop At Walgreens Start Lesson
  10. How to Shop At Rite Aid Start Lesson
  11. How to Shop At CVS Start Lesson
  12. How to Shop Online Start Lesson
  13. How to Make a Coupon Binder Start Lesson
  14. How to Make A Coupon Box Start Lesson
  15. How to Organize Coupon Inserts Start Lesson

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