Walgreens Balance Rewards

I thought I would take some time to go over the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program. This program goes into effect nationwide starting on September 16th and we finally have our First look at the First Ad that includes Balance Rewards.

You can Sign Up for Balance Rewards on the Walgreens Website or Walgreens Mobile App starting today!

Here are a few details of the program:

– The Walgreens Balance Rewards Program will give you Sale Prices in store and online for being a member. This means some advertised prices may only be available when you use your card, and the price at the register may be different if you are not a member.

– You earn Points for Shopping at Walgreens and there will also be Bonus Point Opportunities in the ad each week. You can redeem these points for Walgreens Rewards to use on Future Purchases.

-It Works out to $1 in Rewards for every 1,000 Points you earn. If you shop at Walgreens a lot you can save your points and redeem 40,000 points for a $50 Reward.

– Points Don’t Expire for 36 Months as long as you shop at Walgreens once every 6 months.

– Register Rewards Are Not Going Away – At least not for a while. The 9/16 Ad still shows a Price with the Rewards Card and Register Rewards that will print at checkout. So you will need your card for the sale price but the Register Rewards will still print at checkout. This is good news because we will also still be able to take advantage of the national catalina offers at Walgreens.

You can Sign Up Online, or Get the Mobile App in the App Store and download it to your phone and Register on your Phone. Your card will be located on your phone if you use the App so that is a great way to ensure you have your card ready to go on Day 1.

I’m curious what your thoughts are on the program, Leave a comment and let me know!