get rid of flies

House flies. Can’t stand them. And there can be so many of them in the summer. Kids running in and out of the house allows those little pests to come in and out with them. But they never seem to go back out.

Here is an all natural way you can get rid of flies in your house:

What You Need:

Wide Mouth Jar (old pickle jar or something similar)
Paper Cone (or make one out of some paper)

What You Do:

1) Pour some syrup or sugar water into the bottom of the jar.
2) Cut a hole in the pointed end of the paper cone. The hole needs to be large enough that a fly can get in, but can’t easily get out.
3) Slide the cone over the opening. It should sit nicely like in the picture above. Tape in place if needed.
4) Place in an area you can leave it and it won’t get bumped or played with. :)

The flies will be attracted to what is inside and will crawl in, but they won’t be able to get back out. So just keep an eye on the jar and clean it out when needed.

If they are really bad, you can try mixing a bug spray made from two tablespoons of dish soap and water and spray it on them directly.

Get Rid of Flies in Your House

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