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How to Get Rid of Flies in Your House

Get Rid of Flies in Your House
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  1. Lynn says:

    SO DOING THIS RIGHT NOW !! One thing that literally drives me insane is nasty dirty flies !! Spring time is the worst for flies in the house. We live on a large farm that sure doesn’t help at all. Every single morning the small bathroom flies flies flies. They have to be coming through the exhaust fan because I shut the windows and lock it , kill all those little pest before bed then wake up and bam flies flies flies. Not a good way to start the day especially when you have severe OCD as I do. I spend my day fly swatter in hand. It’s very tormenting. Was just thinking I need to find a safe way to trap them (we have animals & small child so didn’t want chemicals) I turned to Pinterest and here is your fly trap at the very top just waiting for me lol. Thanks for sharing this !!

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