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It doesn’t matter if you are saving money on toothpaste or designer jeans. It is possible to live on budget and have great quality items and feed your family quality meals for less. These tips and tricks are designed to teach you about saving money, give you great Do It Yourself Ideas, Recipe Ideas for feeding your family on a budget and more.

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A Week of Easy Freezer Meals | Menu, Shopping List & Recipes

I know that most of you know that I’m a big fan of Menu Planning and Shopping with a list! I’m also a fan of Freezer Cooking, but I’m not a fan of the Time it Takes to shop for and cook for a month! So I’ve come up with something that works much better for me. Weekly Freezer Cooking! Think of this as Meal Prep for the next week, You can shop for, Prepare and freeze all your dinners for the week in just about an hour! Then you’ve got something ready for each night of the week! We typically eat out one night a week, so 6 Meals is perfect for me and I’ve found I can quickly and easily prepare 6 meals in about an hour!

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