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This Stockpiling Stock Up Price List is a great way for you to track when to purchase items and how much to buy. I’ve listed three different prices for you:

Retail Price (This is the average retail price in my area. If your retail prices are higher, your stock up prices will need to be adjusted accordingly)
Buy Price (This is the Price I would typically pay with coupons or on sale, this is around a 30-50% savings)
Stock Up Price (This is when you want to buy enough to last you between 2-3 months to get you to the next stockup price sale)

Watch for this icon to spot Buy Prices and Stock-up Prices at your favorite stores.
= Stock Up Price!!!

You can Download a Printable Stockpiling List Worksheet to print or use the list below to navigate to each category. I also have a Blank List that you can print out and create your own personal stock pile list on your favorite brands for each product.

Item NameSizeRetail PriceStock Up Price (50% off or More)Unit Stock Up Price
Aluminum Foil50 Sq. Ft.$3.48$1.503¢ Per Sq. Ft.
Dish Soap10 oz.$0.97$0.504¢ per ounce
Dishwasher Detergent (Liquid)75 oz.$3.46$1.752¢ per ounce
Dishwasher Detergent (Tabs)20 Ct.$3.97$2.0010¢ per tablet
Fabric Softener (Liquid)50 oz.$4.47$2.004¢ per ounce
Fabric Softener (Sheets)40 ct.$1.97$1.002¢ per sheet
Facial Tissues120 sheets/box$1.57$0.75
Glass Cleaner32 oz.$3.12$1.50
Hand Soap (Liquid)7.5 oz.$1.47$0.75
Laundry Detergent (Liquid)50 loads$4.97$2.505¢ per load
Laundry Detergent (Packs)31 Packs$8.97$4.0013¢ per tablet
Paper Plates45 ct.$2.57$1.253¢ each
Paper Towels (Regular Size Rolls)8 Rolls/48 Sheets$5.97$3.99$0.50/Roll - 1¢/sheet
Toilet Bowl Cleaner$1.97$0.50
Toilet Paper (Price Per Double Roll)9 Rolls$4.97$2.00$0.01 per sq. ft.
Trash Bags (22 Ct. Kitchen)$5.17$2.50$0.11/Bag
Ziploc Bags (Freezer)30 Ct. Gallon$4.38$2.00$0.067/Bag
Ziploc Bags (Storage)100 Ct. Sandwich$2.98$1.50$0.015/Bag
Bleach55 ounces$1.98$1.00$0.018 per oz.
All Purpose Cleaners (Windex, Clorox, Kitchen Cleaners)$2.84$1.00
Bathroom Cleaners$3.97$1.50
Fabric Softener Sheets80 ct.$3.97$2.00$0.025 each
Plastic Wrap70 Sq. Ft.$2.94$1.47$0.02 per sq. ft.
Storage Containers2 or 3 ct.$2.57$1.25$0.41 - $0.75 each
Stain Remover (Pre-Treat)$2.98$1.00
Air Freshener Spray$2.98$1.00
Air Freshener Candles$2.98$1.00
Band Aids20 count$2.96$1.00$0.05 each
Body Lotion16 ounce$4.97$1.00$0.06 per ounce
Conditioner32 ounces$3.98$1.00$0.03 per ounce
Cough Drops30 count$2.50$0.75$0.02 each
Contact Solution10 ounce$8.48$2.00$0.20 per ounce
Cough Medicine4 ounce$4.98$1.00$0.25 per ounce
Dental Floss$0.97Free
Feminine Pads18 count$2.97$1.00$0.05 each
Hair Color$8.97$2.50
Liquid Hand Soap8 oz.$1.47$0.50$0.06 per ounce
Lip Balm$0.98$0.50
Mouthwash500 ml$2.97$0.50
Pain Reliever24 count$3.48$1.00$0.04 each
Qtips500 count$2.98$1.50$0.003 each
Razors (Disposable)4 count$5.97$2.00$0.50 each
Razors (Re-useable)2 Blades$9.97$2.00$1 each
Shampoo12 ounce$3.78$0.75$0.06 per ounce
Shaving Cream11 ounce$1.96$0.50
Shaving Gel9 ounce$2.74$1.00
Soap (Single Bar)3 Bars$3.08$1.00$0.33 Each
Sunblock8 ounce$8.97$2.00$0.25 per ounce
Tampons16 count$3.97$1.00$0.06 each
Toothpaste4-5 ounce$3.97$0.50$0.10 per ounce
Toothbrushes1 Count$4.96$0.50$0.50 each
Whitening Rinse16 ounce$4.97$1.00$0.06 per ounce
BBQ Sauce$1.50$0.50 - Free
Breakfast/Cereal Bars$2.98$1.00
Brown Sugar2 lbs.$2.98$1.50$0.74 per lb.
Brownie Mixes$2.28$0.75
Cake Mixes$1.24$0.50
Canned Beans$0.98$0.50
Canned Pasta$0.98$0.50
Canned Fruit$0.98$0.40
Canned Pasta Sauce24 oz.$1.58$0.75$0.03 per oz.
Canned Soup (Progresso, Healthy Choice)$1.84$0.75
Canned Tomato Paste$0.44$0.25
Canned Tomatoes$0.98$0.50
Canned Vegetables$0.98$0.45
Chicken Broth$0.96$0.45
Chocolate Chips12 ounce bag$2.58$1.50
Coffee (Ground)12 oz. bag$7.48$3.99$0.33 per Ounce
Coffee (K-Cups)16 count$12.98$6.49$0.40 Each
Cookies (Oreo, Chips Ahoy!)$2.98$1.50
Crackers (Wheat Thin, Ritz, Club)$2.50$1.00
Crystal Light On the Go$2.50$1.25
Flour5 lb.s$2.50$1.25$0.25 per pound
Fruit Snacks$2.00$1.00
Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns8 Count$1.25$0.50
Honey12 Ounce$3.98$2.50$0.20 per ounce
Jelly18 Ounce$2.98$1.50$0.08 per ounce
Juice (100% - 64 oz. Bottle)64 Ounce$2.98$1.50$0.023 per ounce
Ketchup20 ounce$2.22$0.75$0.04 per ounce
Macaroni & Cheese$1.28$0.50
Mayonnaise22 ounce$2.98$1.50$0.07 per ounce
Mustard8 ounce$1.18$0.50 - Free$0.06 per ounce
Oatmeal (Instant)10 count$2.88$1.15$0.11 each
Olive Oil16 ounce$4.72$3.00$0.19 per ounce
Pasta1 pound$1.28$0.50$0.50 per lb.
Peanut Butter16 ounce$2.78$1.50$0.09 per ounce
Rice - Brown per pound1 pound$1.25$0.50$0.50 per lb.
Rice - White per pound1 pound$1.25$0.50$0.50 per lb.
Salad Dressing24 ounce$2.64$1.25$0.05 per ounce
Soft Drinks (Cans)12 Pack$4.98$2.50$0.21 each
Soft Drinks (2-Liters)$1.38$0.75
Sugar4 lbs.$2.48$1.50$0.38 per lb.
Tomato Sauce8 ounce$0.44$0.25$0.03 per ounce
Tortillas (Fajita Size)20 count$2.98$1.50$0.075 each
Tuna Canned or PouchCanned Tuna$0.96$0.50
Vanilla1 ounce$2.98$1.50$1.50 per ounce
Vegetable Oil48 ounce$2.78$1.50$0.03 per ounce
Water Bottles(16.9 oz. 24 Pack)$3.98$2.00$0.08 per bottle
Frozen Vegetables16 ounce$1.98$1.00$0.06 per ounce
Ice Cream (Half Gallon)48 ounces$3.97$2.00$0.04 per ounce
Frozen DinnersSingle Serve$2.50$1.25
Frozen Potatoes28-32 oz.$2.96$1.50
Frozen Pizzas$5.97$3.00
Waffles8 Count$2.38$1.00$0.13 each
Frozen Juices12 ounce$2.17$1.00
Butter Sticks1 pound$3.68$2.25
Block Cheese8 ounces$2.98$1.50 - $2.00$0.19 per ounce
Cream Cheese8 ounces$2.38$1.00$0.13 per ounce
Coffee Creamer16 ounce$1.98$1.00$0.06 per ounce
Eggs1 Dozen$2.48$1.25$1.25 per Dozen
Milk1 Gallon$4.13$3.00
Shredded Cheese8 ounces$2.98$1.50 -$2.00$0.19 per ounce
Sour Cream24 ounce$2.98$1.50$0.06 per ounce
Spreadable Butter15 ounce$2.18$1.00$0.07 per ounce
Yogurt Cups6 ounce$0.60$0.40
Cookie Dough$2.50$1.00
Orange Juice (64 oz.)59 ounces$3.98$2.00$0.04 per ounce
Bottom Round RoastPrice per pound$5.94$4.50
Beef Chuck RoastPrice per pound$5.96$4.50
Beef Cubed SteakPrice per pound$5.98$4.50
Beef TenderloinPrice per pound$17.98$12.00
Beef Top Sirloin SteakPrice per pound$7.98$6.00
Boneless Beef Stew MeatPrice per pound$6.38$4.00
Ground Beef (70/30)Price per pound$3.98$2.50
Ground Beef (80/10)Price per pound$4.98$3.00
Ground Beef (90/10)Price per pound$6.48$3.50
New York Strip SteakPrice per pound$10.98$7.00
Ribeye SteakPrice per pound$9.97$7.00
Boneless Skinless Chicken ThighsPrice per pound$2.28$1.50
Boneless Skinless Chicken TenderloinsPrice per pound$3.28$2.50
Boneless Skinless Chicken BreastPrice per pound$3.81$2.00
Chicken DrumsticksPrice per pound$1.88$1.00
Chicken WingsPrice per pound$2.18$1.00
Whole Fryer ChickenPrice per pound$1.48$1.00
Chicken ThighsPrice per pound$1.88$1.00
Ground Turkey (97/3)Price per pound$4.98$2.50
Ground Turkey (85/15)Price per pound$2.98$2.00
Whole Frozen TurkeyPrice per pound$1.28$0.80
Pork ChopsPrice per pound$4.18$2.50
Pork TenderloinPrice per pound$3.48$2.00
Pork RoastPrice per pound$3.28$2.00
Ground PorkPrice per pound$2.48$1.50
Smoked HamPrice per pound$3.78$2.50
Boneless Glazed HamPrice per pound$4.48$2.50
Spiral Cut HamPrice per pound$3.54$2.00
Tilapia FilletsPrice per Pound$7.99$5.50
Salmon FilletPrice per Pound$10.99$7.00
Shrimp41-60 Ct.$12.99$9.00
ApplesPrice per pound$1.67$1.00
Baked PotatoesPrice per pound$0.98$0.70
BananasPrice per pound$0.54$0.35
Bell PeppersIndividual Price$0.74$0.50
BroccoliPrice per pound$1.97$1.25
CantaloupeIndividual Price$2.97$1.50
CarrotsPrice per pound$1.84$1.00
Baby CarrotsPrice per pound$1.24$0.75
Corn on the CobIndividual Price$0.75$0.33
CucumbersIndividual Price$0.98$0.50
GrapefruitIndividual Price$0.75$0.50
GrapesPrice per pound$2.98$1.50
Lettuce (Iceberg)Individual Price$1.79$1.00
Lettuce (Romaine)Individual Price$1.98$1.25
Lettuce (Green Leaf)Individual Price$1.74$1.00
OnionsPrice per pound$1.28$0.69
OrangesPrice per pound$1.00$0.50
PeachesPrice per pound$1.98$0.98
PineappleIndividual Price$3.98$1.50
RaspberriesPrice per pound$2.98$1.99
Russet Potatoes5 lb. bag$3.99$1.99
SpinachPrice per pound$2.88$1.99
StrawberriesPrice per pound$2.98$1.50
TomatoesPrice per pound$1.48$0.75
Baby Food Jars4 ounce$0.63$0.30$0.07 per ounce
Baby Powder15 ounce$2.98$1.00$0.07 per ounce
Baby Shampoo15 ounce$2.98$1.00$0.07 per ounce
Baby Wash15 ounce$2.98$1.00$0.07 per ounce
Diaper Cream4 ounce$5.77$2.00$0.50 per ounce
Formula (Store Brand)36 oz.$17.98$8.99$0.249 per ounce
Formula (Premium)23.4 oz.$23.44$14.00$0.59 per ounce
Lotion15 ounce$2.98$1.00$0.07 per ounce
Store Brand - Size 1200 ct.$23.88$18.00$0.09
Store Brand - Size 296 ct.$13.97$10.00$0.10
Store Brand - Size 3144 ct.$20.99$17.99$0.12
Store Brand - Size 4124 ct.$20.99$17.99$0.14
Store Brand - Size 5108 ct.$20.99$17.99$0.16
Store Brand - Size 692 count$20.99$17.99$0.19
Name Brand Diapers - Size 140 ct.$9.47$5.00$0.12
Name Brand Diapers - Size 236 ct.$9.47$5.00$0.14
Name Brand Diapers - Size 331 ct.$9.47$5.00$0.16
Name Brand Diapers - Size 427 ct.$9.47$5.00$0.18
Name Brand Diapers - Size 523 ct.$9.47$5.00$0.21
Store Brand - Traning Pants 2T-3T58 ct.$17.49$14.00$0.24
Store Brand - Traning Pants 4T-5T50 ct.$17.49$14.00$0.28
Pull Ups - 2T-3T26 ct.$9.47$5.00$0.19
Pull Ups - 4T-5T44 ct.$15.74$10.00$0.22
Baby Wipes Tub72 ct.$1.97$1.00$0.015
Baby Wipes Refill216 ct.$5.88$3.00$0.015
Small Swim Diapers20 ct.$9.97$5.00$0.25
Medium Swim Diapers18 ct.$9.97$5.00$0.27
Large Swim Diaper17 ct.$9.97$5.00$0.29
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