Sam’s Club One Day Sale on 12/14 + My Favorite Deals I See!

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  1. Ann Scott says:

    I am extremely disgusted with the lack of customer service. I was shopping Sam’s Club online on Saturday, August 3. THE One Day Sale. I put several items in my cart. All were the sale price. I did not complete my order at that time. I did search to determine if there was a time cut-off other than midnight of August 3rd. I did not find any time cut-off. I went back onlkne at 10:30pm on August 3rd. to complete my order. I was stunned to find that all the sale prices had been removed and the prices were all regular prices. I placed the items in a “save for later” file. Speaking to Customer Service today I was told that somewhere in the fine print there was a statement regarding the “time” which was solely based on a single time zone. So the “sale” had ended regardless of the time where I was. I was also told that there was nothing they could do to help me. Needless to say I am beyond disappointed with Sam’s lack of Customer Service. If there was any indication of the time issue I did not see if and I certainly did look for it. I thought Sam’s would be above doing something like this to a long time customer. I will certainly ensure that everyone I see will hear about how badly I was treated. And I absolutely hope that other online customers will see this and be aware of this deceptive practice. And the failure to provide adequate customer service.

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