5 Easy April Fools’ Ideas for Kids

pranks for kids

Check out these April Fools’ Ideas for Kids that will give them the trick this April 1st. If you want some family-friendly April Fools’ prank ideas you have to see these ideas below. 

We love a friendly joke in our home, so I wanted to get creative and come up with some fun ideas to pull on the kids. I will share a handful of ideas that you might consider doing for your child or even spouse. April Fool’s Day is always full of laughs and fun. 

April Fools’ Ideas 

1. Rubber Banded Toilet Paper

All you need is toilet paper and some rubber bands. Wrap rubber bands around the toilet paper, so they will have to take off each rubber band before they can get some toilet paper. It is a silly and fun April Fools joke idea that takes just a few minutes to make and get set up. 
I did this the night before so when they wake up in the morning it is already in the bathroom to greet them. If you don’t remember you can always have it there for when they arrive home from school.  

2. Funny Face Photos  

Take a frame you have of your kids or family, and get creative. Use Dry Erase markers and draw up silly accessories and more. Make sure it is a glass frame so you can use a paper towel to wipe away your markings once you’re done with April Fools fun. 

We had a ton of fun with this one! Give it a try and let me know what you do! 

3. Vanishing Frosting on Animal Cookies 

All you need for this is a frosted bag of animal cookies and plain animal crackers. Take your frosted cookies and remove them from the bag and replace with plain animal crackers. They will think they will be frosted and will get a fun surprise when they open up the bag. 

4. Mustard & Ketchup Switcheroo

Reach for an opaque mustard bottle and remove the mustard. Then take ketchup and squirt it in. Serve up burgers, hot dogs, etc so they reach for mustard. Watch their face as the wrong color squirts out. 

You could easily do this with an opaque ketchup bottle as well. Switching it with another condiment is a super fun silly prank that will be sure to give them a laugh. 

5. Broken Glass Screen Saver

This is a really good one! Take your phone or tablet and find a broken screen picture on the web. Save it and then make it your wallpaper on the phone or tablet.  
Then when your kiddo looks at their tablet or phone and wait to see if they think their screen is truly broke or if they know it is a prank. 

Which is your favorite April Fools’ Idea? 

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