Nature Walk Cardboard Vase Activity

dandelion cardboard vase activity

Looking for an easy and affordable outdoor activity to do? Check out this nature walk cardboard vase activity you can throw together in minutes. Your child/children will have a blast making the flowers they find along your walk to a place in their drawn-on vase. 

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Nature Walk Cardboard Vase 

Here are a few reasons why you might love this cardboard vase DIY activity. 

What If I Don’t Have Cardboard 

If you don’t have cardboard that is okay. You can use a poster board, construction paper, etc. The sturdier the paper or product the better. But you can use regular paper if it is all you have on hand. 

You will find regular paper is flimsy, but in a pinch, it will do just fine. 

How to Get Flowers To Stick On Cardboard 

Draw out your vase, and then use a pencil to poke holes into the cardboard. This is going to allow you to stick your flowers through the cardboard with ease. Just make sure that you find the right size hole to fit the flowers you are choosing to use. 

Tips For Making Cardboard Flower Vases 

Nature Walk Cardboard Vase Activity

Yield: 1 cardboard vase
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: $2

Here is how to do an easy cardboard vase activity. Head outdoors and do an outdoor activity that is practically free to make and it offers a colorful and fun cardboard vase.


  • Cardboad
  • Marker
  • Flowers, etc from outdoors


  • Scissors
  • Pen


  1. Cut the flap from a cardboard box and trim to the desired size in a rectangle shape.
  2. For older children, you might want a larger piece of cardboard than for smaller children.
  3. Draw a vase at the bottom of the rectangle. (I sketched it in pencil and then drew over it with a Sharpie.)
  4. Use a sharp pencil to punch holes near the top of the cardboard for the flowers to be placed through.
  5. While on a nature walk, let children poke the flower stems through the holes, creating a beautiful arrangement in the cardboard vase-like in the photo!