Online Coupon Codes

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  1. J Anne says:

    Offering coupon codes is a good practice and can make you earn a decent online living but I would recommend to use your own affiliate program instead of relying on the third party tools and widgets to maximize your earnings! Love the blog and its design. Good work though!

  2. Naomi Martinez says:

    my pluguin
    s is google chrome
    thank you!.

  3. Ash says:

    Using coupon codes and promo codes to save money at online retailers should a mainstream practice. Why not pay less when buying something you would be buying anyways.

  4. Karlos says:


    I want to implement a coupon code plugin like yours on my site (WP). I like the style of your coupon system.

    Can you please help me ? Do you use a plugin? What is the name of your plugin? or did your wright your own code?

    Thanks i advance for your help



  5. Chris says:

    Love to use online coupon codes because its save hundreds of dollar while shopping online.

    1. Ruben says:

      Hi Tom,I’m guessing your reenrrifg to the previous post about the Mac vs. PC ads. That’s a good question I’ve noticed that when therapists are portrayed on TV, there’s a therapist look to them. (Which is probably at least partly based in reality.) I think the therapist on the Mac vs. PC ads is good looking, so I’m completely okay with that.

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