How to Make Money Online

How to Start Selling on Etsy + Tips for Being Successful

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  1. Whitney Stevens says:

    I have loved to create as long as I can remember. Whether it be jewelry, paintings, other forms of art, calligraphy, or crafts. But what I’ve always loved more than those things is sharing them with others to hopefully brighten their day!

  2. Sou brasileira e gostaria de exportar meus produtos mas aqui no Brasil não temos o mesmo entregador como o que vocês têm aí…podem esclarecer como fazer? Também não temos clientes aí, como encontrar?
    Nossos produtos estão no site . Obrigada!!

  3. Sharon Sasser says:

    Thank you so very much for these great tips and techniques. My only question is that when I went directly to the Etsy site, it stated that you MUST have a website already. NOT CLEAR ON THIS! Please help!!??!! ??
    Thank you,
    Sharon Sasser [email protected]
    One last question… Pinterest asked if I would be interested in accomendating? Could use some clarity. Sharon. ??

  4. Miranda says:

    Great tips for me, I am a beginner so this gets me very excited!

  5. Jewel says:

    Great tips! Thanks for writing a etsy to follow intro to Etsy. I found it very helpful!

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