Dollar General Weekly Ad

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  1. Rachel Davis says:

    Okay. Tried the Buy 3 Get 3 Free Renuzit deal this evening at Dollar General. NO GO!! I had both the Buy 3 Get 3 Dollar General coupon and the Buy 3 Get 3 manufacturer coupon and the store clerk told me that I would have to buy 12 in order to get my six free!!!! How do I explain to them that the coupons will stack and make all SIX items free????? If I call corporate, will the assist me? Please advise! Thanks for all you do Heather!!

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      Print the store policy and take it with you. They say you can stack the coupons which should mean they can be stacked on the same items. You should only need to buy 6 but this is a case where your store is telling you something different from the policy so maybe ask to to speak to a manager about it.

  2. Ss $2/2 hersreys or reeses (exp 6/15/14. The site says its free after coupon. It’s not the right oz . The right ones are $3.75 each

    1. Kim says:

      Yea. I went there last evening to get the Reese’s and it’s the wrong size. The right sizes are $3 a piece at my store. The $1 ones are only 3.3 oz and the coupons are for the 9oz.

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