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Can you Use More than One Coupon | Using Multiple Coupons

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  1. tinyurl.com says:

    I personally question the reasons why you named this posting, “Can you Use More than One Coupon | Using Multiple Coupons”.
    In any event I admired the article!Thanks for your effort-Kandi

  2. lizlemontree says:

    This may be the number one issue I have had with using coupons- next to the walmart here not taking printable coupons!

    I was wondering did you write this article from an official coupon policy that spells it out? It’s not that yours isn’t clear enough but I would like to have something printed out about this that I could take to the store to show them.

    How do I prove it to people who have their minds made up that they are not going to take more than one coupon? Ive also had a manager lie right to my face several times or he is completely oblivious and just makes stuff up on the spot.

    He told me that the coupons in the monthly book cant be combined with mfg coupons at walgreens because the coupon said not to be combined with any other offer!

    Maybe you could cover this as well in another article. I’d like to take something in there and show him an “official” document describing that as well. I called corporate about it and the person acted like they werent even listening and said the usual- the manager has the right to refuse any coupons. It was their coupon! Ridiculous!

    I was also told I could not use the starbucks coupon yesterday at two walgreens because they would have to change the amount by .1. I have bought other items before and they didnt have any problem with changing it. But these were different employees I hadnt delt with before and walgreens I didnt usually go into.

    What I learned on that is that the next time I have a coupon like that Im going to ask before I even get into the line so there isnt an issue of me either holding up the line or just letting it slide.

    I had a huge issue with the b1g1 free coupons at a couple walgreens last week. I finally went to one where the manager knew what the coupon policy is on that. I printed it out so I dont have to go through that again. But there are some gray areas that arent spelled out like your article discusses that I wish I also had a print out on. Thanks!

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