Family Favorite Recipes | Mexican Pile Up

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  1. Linda Maness says:

    We used to make what was called a “Frito Pile UP Day” at my job. (Grated Cheese, Fritos, Taco Meat, Ranch Style Beans, Tomatoes, Catalina Dressing, Lettuce, Onions, Jalapenos(OP), ) we would set up everything in a conference room and then everyone would go to town!!! Kind of like a Taco Salad w/Fritos and Catalina Dressing…Yummy.

  2. Mrs H in WV says:

    looks delicious and easy! I’ve got an order of Zaycon ground beef coming next week and I’m going to make some of this up (the beef/chili mixture) for freezer meals with it. Have you ever tried freezing that part of it? I’m just wondering how the beans hold up in the freeze/thaw process.

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