How to Save Money

How to Save Money | The Buy Ahead & Cook Ahead Principle

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  1. Kim says:

    I love hearing ideas on how to freeze foods freeze different foods-like when you posted about freezing OJ and guac. I don’t think outside the box when it comes to saving foods bought in bulk.
    I, too, make my own chicken broth and love it so much better than store bought now. I was just researching online today how to make homemade vegetable broth, too.

  2. gloria flagg says:

    i’ve been doing this for years. also when i prepare a meal i will make enough to freeze at least 2-3 others meals. it is so nice to just go to the freezer & take something out that is already prepared when you don’t feel like cooking or if you just pushed for time. it is better than buying something at the store freezer that is already prepared. you know that this was prepared with love.

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