How to Use Subscribe & Save to Buy Household Items on Amazon

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  1. Dee says:

    Thanks for highlighting the different products that are a good deal through subscribe and save. I’ve been using them for awhile on many organic products that are much more costly at the nearby Whole Foods.

    I do get concerned, however, when it is suggested by some to order an item on the subscribe and save plan and then to cancel it as soon as you get your order just to get the lowest price on a one-time deal. I feel like this is such a great deal from Amazon, that if too many people start to play these types of games with the system, that the program will end in the near future.

    For those of us who like to save (most of us!) and regularly use the same products, why not stay on the subscribe and save list for the long haul? The program saves us money with each purchase and is easily adjustable according to our needs. There are many times when I go into my account and “skip” a regularly scheduled shipment and choose a date for the next one or “send a shipment now” when I run out of an item and need it sooner. Because of this awesome flexibility, there is no need to order once and cancel your subscription. This service is a great long-term money-saver for all of us; I would hate to see it end.

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