Instant Pot Cheesy Ranch Chicken Recipe!

Cheesy Ranch Chicken Featured
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  1. Lynn says:

    My thoughts exactly. I’m confused why you need the instant pot for this?!?!?

  2. Karen Mizener says:

    When it states mixed cheeses, do you mean like say shredded cheddar and shredded Monterey Jack?

    1. Passion For Savings says:

      8 Ounce Colby & Monterey Jack or Fiesta Blend Shredded Cheese is what I would suggest.

  3. Sandra says:

    I followed this recipe on my instant pot. I obviously did not understand the directions. Using only sauté it ended up completely watery and the cheese ended up burning to the bottom of the pot. Do not think I’ll be trying this again.

  4. Linda R says:

    I made this recipe in my Instantpot. I made the recipe like it was written, except I used 2 T butter and eliminated the milk. I added 1 cup of rice and 1 1/4 cups water to the chicken mixture. I pressure cooked for 6 minutes and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then I did a manual release. I added the cheese to let it melt. It was delish! No need to cook the rice separately.

    1. Did you only add the water for the rice?? Or added it instead of milk??

  5. Jackie Wilde says:

    Made it for my guys and they LOVED it! (At the end of the sauté mixture, I added a small bag of frozen mixed vegetables.)

  6. Hmmm? says:

    So do you ever use pressure for this recipe? Seems like you could just use a pan on the stove and a lid for this one if no pressure is used.

  7. Hmmm? says:

    So you just use the instant pot to sauté? You never use pressure? If not then this would be exactly the same as cooking in a skillet on the stove, turning on low and put on the lid.

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