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How to Create a Laundry Schedule | Free Printable

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  1. Betty819 says:

    I don’t know how our Parents used to wash only once a week. I seem to wash every other day. DH has a very small clothes hamper in his room..that fills up fast. The only piece of clothing he will wear for 2 days is his jeans and I have to really watch him that he doesn’t try to stretch it out to 3 days..We are both in our 70’s and retired..seems like I am always washing, especially underclothes/socks for both of us..I can’t stand to see dirty underwear laying around in the clothes hamper. It really bothers me..I change sheets every other week but due to our own circumstances, sometimes I run out of enery as my DH is physically not able to help do a lot of things he used to do now. I do all the driving so sometimes I don’t have any time for myself. I don’t leave him alone but about 4 hr. a week and he wears lifeline necklace then. I’m lost at making out a schedule..I just wash what need to be washed or when the clothes hamper is full. Can you help me figure out a reasonable schdule? I printed off your printable, and Thanks!

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