How to Make Money Online

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  1. Carrie says:

    I signed up and the surveys were worthless. I don’t think you should encourage people to do this one. I also felt unconfortable with some of the questions about finances etc.

  2. Prisha Bailey says:

    I wish I knew how you make this work. I signed back up again when I saw this post but immediately remembered why I quit. I would spend 15 minutes on a survey and then it would tell me I didn’t qualify or I would hit submit and there was an “error”. I think maybe, if I was lucky, 1 out of 5 that would actually work and get me points. Big waste of my time, glad it works for you

  3. robin says:

    Can you tell me if we have to pay taxes on money we earn by taking surveys? Do they send us some kind of tax form to file with the IRS, do you know. Thank you for all your help and your wonderful money saving posts!

    1. Prisha Bailey says:

      No they don’t

    2. Sarah Schwartz-Cuscutis says:

      Typically a company will not send you a tax form unless you earn over $600 from there. That being said, in the eyes of the IRS, $$ you earn from surveys (even if that money is in the form of gift cards) IS considered taxable income. It goes in the “other income” section of your tax return. I know some choose not to declare it (or whatever the right word would be), but I thought at least it would be helpful for you to know what the law is.

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